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Unique Perspectives - January 2014

January 2014
Unique Perspectives

Short Circuit

The following video shows one of our robotic hand-tufters at it again, creating a fairly large rug for a model home ordered by an interior design firm here in California. 


The rug, Circuitry, is one of the standard designs in our latest introduction Contemporary Classics and is so named because of its computer-chip-like pattern. Aside from the standard patterns and textures, the rugs in this collection allow design flexibility in sizes and colors as well as custom pattern capability. View the entire catalog of patterns here


So If you want something other than the standard designs, we can provide poms of your selected colors and computer renderings of your custom designs, both at no charge and for a nominal fee we can provide 1' x 1' samples of your proposed masterpiece. 


And, since our non-union robots don't require breaks, lunch hours, or vacations, our turn-around times are unsurpassed.


Specials From Around The World


Our buyers scour the world to bring you very special prices on very special specials.  Distant and exotic places like The Netherlands and Belgium provide us with some of the finest specials available anywhere.  Okay, so The Netherlands and Belgium aren't that distant and exotic, and it doesn't take much scouring to get there.   Camel caravans probably aren't necessary.  But it does make good copy and the fact is we have a constantly replenished, large inventory of imported, premium-quality specials at not so premium-quality prices and they're all available in the exact size you require. So if you've got a client with wool tastes on a polyester budget, check our specials. Current Inventory of all styles and colors is shown on-line and samples are always readily available.


Today's History Lesson

(Read It!  It will be on the final exam)


Since the middle ages wool production has been an economic mainstay in Great Britain. After learning to both grow it and process it, high quality British wool became a major source of revenue. In order to increase domestic sales those clever Brits passed laws requiring judges, professors, and students to wear robes of domestic wool. Even other laws demanded the dead be buried in wool shrouds. Amazing how the populace will flock to a product when the punishment for not flocking is The Tower or the gallows. We at Unique may want to consider something like that for our loyal subjects, er...customers. Anyway, when the American colonies began to compete with the motherland, the English passed a series of laws to protect their wool industry from we rusticated colonials. One threatened to amputate the hand of any colonist caught trying to improve the blood line of American sheep. Maybe they should have dumped some wool in Boston harbor while they were at it.   
Today many Unique products use British Wool blended with other European and New Zealand Wools and our products Stratford, Cascade Naturals and Sierra Naturals are made using 100% British Wool.
Great Instock Values

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