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Unique Perspectives - December 2013

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Unique Perspectives
December 2013

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Happy Holidays

Once again we'd like to thank you for your ongoing support this year and wish you the very best of the Holiday season and a prosperous 2014.

Samples Anyone?

Did you know you can order samples right from our website. Running line OR mill specials are all available. Its easy to do. Even those whose computer skills topped out at Pong can do it. Simply click on the style(s) you desire and you'll see a 'Request a sample' under each colorway. Select the ones you want.

Sample Request 1 You'll see a box appear in the upper right of the screen and when you're ready to go, click the 'Submit your sample request now' in that box and you'll be invited to submit necessary information.
Sample Request Form It's quick, easy, and free. Give it a try.


Curl Stop

Are you tired of spilling yet another antique crystal goblet of 1869 Chateau Lafite as you stumble across the raised corner of your rug? Well we can recommend a great fix for that and, good news, it does not include setting aside the wine. Its Curl Stop. Specifically designed to hold rug corners down without double-face tape (and the subsequent removal of the finish of the custom hardwood floor it can cause). Curl Stop's self-adhesive back attaches easily to any rug, not the floor, and holds corners securely in place. Curl Stop is made in the USA, eliminates tripping hazards, and is available directly from the manufacturer on-line in individual packages of four (or in full cases) or from So you can either recommend them to customers who ask, or buy them by the case and sell them yourself. Check them out.

Winter Can Be Brutal

Even your floors can take a beating. Snow, slush, cold dry air, even snow removing chemicals all can find away into your house and onto your floors. We have an excellent article for you from the Commercial Flooring Report titled, oddly enough, Winter Effects on Floorcovering. It's written by Lew Migliore President of LGM Enterprises, Technical Flooring Services, who authors The Commercial Flooring Report and Flooring Forensics for Floor Focus Magazine. With over forty years in the industry, he knows what he's talking about. Although geared to the commercial marketplace, the article is relevant residentially as well. Study hard. There will be a test!


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