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Unique Perspectives - November 2013

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Unique Perspectives
November 2013
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Coming Soon - New Presidio


For years our product Presidio has developed a reputation of being an 'heirloom quality' carpet. Meaning, it lasts and lasts. You could say it's so durable that your customers will get sick of looking at before they need to replace it. Except for the fact that it looks so good you couldn't possibly say such a thing! Presidio is a subtly multi-colored loop-pile of Stainmaster nylon in a casually elegant texture that shows neither foot traffic nor vacuum tracks and performs like gangbusters. The good news in all of this is we've added several new colors and will be re-launching in the near term. Samples of Presidio will be available in all the usual sizes and we think you'll love the new version. Of course, we're paid to think like that.


Presidio colors  

In The Pink


Someone once said "It's worth the price to have at least one thing in your life that's absolutely perfect". We believe that's true and are willing to take large quantities of your cash to prove it. Here in distant and exotic Riverside California our craftsmen produce some of the finest and most beautiful custom, one-off rugs made anywhere in the world. And these rugs don't always have to be highly detailed to be spectacular.   


Pink custom rug  

Case in point, the rug shown here, created for a top nationwide trade showroom: The field is a thick, dense New Zealand Wool cut-pile and the pink design is a thick and shaggy felted yarn of pure Merino wool. Prices for custom one-off designs are consistent with prices of our standard Shagtastic / Couture / Contemporary Classics prices and our turn-around times are unequalled. So let us get involved in some totally custom work for you. Operators are standing by.

Let's Do The Twist

Why do wool yarns look so good for so long? Because, unlike synthetic fibers, wool fibers have naturally-occurring twist. So when they're spun into yarn they remain tightly twisted. And what that means is carpets of pure natural wool provide that soft, springy elegance and unsurpassed good looks for years and years. Synthetic fibers don't have natural twist so in order to get them to hold together and to perform, twist is added then held in place via the addition of heat...Heatsetting!

This is not unlike using a curling iron on your hair. Wool has always been known as the fiber that ages gracefully. Here's another reason why. No curling irons required.


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