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Unique Perspectives - October 2013

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Unique Perspectives
October 2013

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Madison - color 4435
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Big-Time Service. Boutique-Like Flexibility

We're in a unique position. We're large enough to provide you with big-time service and follow up. As an example, we consistently deliver well in excess of 90% of orders placed from existing inventory. Yet we're small enough that we don't shy away from custom requests. In fact, we love them.

Montego Bay Custom
Standard one-color product, Montego Bay shown in a custom six-color version

If you need custom colors, or a whole lot of custom colors, we can do that. If you need lighter weights to fit a budget or heavier weights to feed and ego, we can do that too. Whatever your custom requirements are, give us a call. It's all done right here in California. Our yardage requirements are surprisingly low and our quick turn-around times are surprisingly surprising. So give us a call. We love this stuff.

Upscale Wool At Down To Earth Prices

100% pure new wool for every customer, every day!! Wool; the worlds pre-eminent high-fashion carpet fiber for over five thousand years (give or take a millennium or two) is in fact available at surprisingly affordable prices. We've got several such products. Six are pictured here. Random loops, ribs, and stripes, combine to make a very nice collection designed to separate you from the conventional and the ordinary without breaking the bank to do so. They're all stocked in-depth right here at our Southern California facility and are readily available.

upscale wool for 2013Give us a call for an in depth review. View our website for details and available colors. 

Etna, Granada, Antigua, VillanovaLondon Court,


Survey 2010 - What Retailers Think

Floor Focus magazine recently published their annual survey of what retailers think on a variety of topics. When asked to name their favorite carpet mill in the areas of service, quality, and design, Unique was the only major wool manufacturer/importer to be named in all three. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver to you fashionable, premium-quality merchandise on time from a large standing inventory. Apparently many of you have noticed.

Wool - The Natural Blanket for your Home

We're not suggesting you scrap the central heat. We are saying you can cut your energy use dramatically simply by installing pure, natural, wool carpeting. Think of your cozy blanket or your best winter coat, wool is a highly effective insulating material that has been used for years insulating people. Sheep wool is a natural insulator because it has a crimped nature which traps air in millions of tiny pockets. Air is an excellent insulator since it does not conduct or disperse heat well. Sheep wool insulation has an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of approximately 3.5 to 3.8 per inch of material thickness Next summer you'll keep saving as your wool carpet absorbs moisture during periods of high-humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry and in so doing helps keep the indoors comfortable any time of year, naturally

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