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Unique Perspectives - September 2013

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Unique Perspectives
September 2013

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Portsmouth - color 2184
Iberia - color 4407
Zurich- color 2407

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Happy Birthday To Us!


Unique Carpets Ltd. began operations twenty-eight years ago last month. Initially an importer, the company grew by augmenting imports with products manufactured here such as upscale residential broadloom in both nylon and wool. This quickly blossomed into custom made-to-order rugs with the Shagtastic Collection's assortment of high-fashion shag rugs, then Couture Coordinates with its shags and coordinating stripes and most recently, Contemporary Classics, with unlimited patterned possibilities. And after nearly three decades we're still at it. When you consider the number of mills who have, like Elvis, "left the building" in the last 28 years, we're pretty proud of ourselves.  We're still having fun and doing good things. Since we didn't have a party we really don't expect gifts, but cash, on the other hand, is always in good taste.


Coming Later This Month

Zurich was always a mainstay of our import line. A casual level-loop of 100% wool in an aesthetically pleasing texture that performed as well as it looked. However, changes in availability resulted in its discontinuation. Searching the world over, we finally found a replacement in the far-east. After serious review and in depth testing we can tell you the replacement is at least as good as the original. In tribute to Zurich, this new version is called Zephyr (we recycled the Z) and with a new assortment of colors, it equals or exceeds the original in every category except one; price. It's considerably less! You never know, we may have a change of heart on that price deal, so buy some right away.


Tis The Season

We are entering what we call "The Season" also known as the Fall Selling Season. It usually runs from the end of September through the beginning of December. In the two-plus month span of "The Season" the industry usually does somewhere north of 30% of total annual volume.


And why is that? School's started and it's time to repair the damage done by a houseful of feral children over the summer. 

mom and bad kids


It's time to focus on home and hearth and get ready for the Holidays. That means new carpet. WOOL CARPET! By the way, with the largest standing inventory of any importer/manufacturer, we can help you out with that. 


Wool! Breathable wool keeps things cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It attracts and holds airborne particles and pollutants so you can breathe comfortably when the cold December winds keep the windows and doors shut tight for the season. Speaking of December, wool is also the most fire-safe of any interior textile so there's little concern that a pesky Yule log will incinerate the whole place. Plus, unlike Uncle Carl, wool ages gracefully. Additionally, since wool is naturally static-free Uncle Carl won't electrocute himself when he shuffles over and grabs the ladle for another snifter of Holiday Nog. Do your customers a favor this Season; renewable, sustainable, pure natural wool. Again, we can help with that.

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