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Unique Perspectives - July 2013

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Unique Perspectives
July 2013

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Zurich - color 2428
Pakora - color 4995
Kalahari- color 1523

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Rebranding! An uptown name for 'New Package,' but marketing people love this stuff. So seven years ago we changed the style of our architect folders and now that the lengthy transformation of all our folders is finally complete, our marketing department changes everything again. What's up with these guys? Actually, everyone here begrudgingly admits, we really like the new look. The just-introduced Villanova, shown here, is the first up in the new format and we're confident you'll agree the new look is pretty nice. So collect the entire set already! It should only take about seven years or so. Give or take!

Handcrafted Just For You
O.K. we admit it, the equipment our artisan's use is a little more updated, and their hats aren't quite as"unique", but the concept of handcrafting-as-an-art-form is virtually unchanged. Some of the world's most spectacular rugs are meticulously crafted right here in our Southern California facility on twelve inch machines not much different from that shown in the photo. And although ours are metal tufters not wooden weavers, the commitment to handcrafted perfection remains unaltered. Rugs in the exact size, shape and color you desire are painstakingly crafted and hand finished within remarkable timeframes, just for you. Check them out here and give us a call. Your customers will thank you for it!

Highlands Rug
Highlands Custom Rug

Wool Ages With Dignity


Wool has characteristics that enable it to age with dignity like no other fiber can. Wool retains its original surface texture. A tough scaly outer layer surrounds by millions of small spindle cells. All of them flex slightly each time the fiber is bent. That's why the fiber can be folded over itself more than 20,000 times and stretched up to 30% of its original length without breaking. 


Additionally wool releases dirt particles easily and liquid spills spend the first few moments sitting on the surface of the carpet pile allowing time to blot them up. These outer scales that keep moisture out allow moisture VAPOR in and this vapor keeps static buildup low and because there is less static in wool, it does not attract dirt and dust particles like a magnet from the air.


Finally,dirt particles are held high in the pile of the carpet by the natural, scaly outer coating making vacuuming easier and more effective.


So although your wool carpet may not be immortalized in stone, it is an "heirloom quality" interior finish.

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