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Unique Perspectives - June 2013

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Unique Perspectives
June 2013

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Welcome Our Latest Style

Intro to Villanova

We tell you regularly that we love new products. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that we're announcing another new one. After all, it has been over a month since the last one. All kidding aside, Villanova is destined to be a real winner. A 100% wool loop-pile in a concise, grid-like texture at a very affordable price point is bound to have broad market appeal. It's also well engineered to ensure its broad market appeal doesn't wear out quickly. Villanova is available in six traditional wool color-ways and is in-stock and ready to go. Samples are in the final stages of manufacture and when available should make a great addition to your product mix.

Wool and Flammability

There are NO flame retardant chemicals used in wool since, as a natural fiber, it is inherently flame resistant. Wool carpets are used in aircraft, cruise ships, and in casinos because wool's protein and moisture content make it difficult to set aflame. Since it is not combustible (like synthetics) if ignited wool burns weakly limiting flame spread. Again, compared to synthetics wool's inherently low smoke emissions and low flame spread means that it does not create dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes. Wool does not melt which prevents the padding from contributing additional smoke, heat, and toxic gases. If wool is exposed to high temperatures, it gives off a strong non-toxic odor which provides an early warning signal. In summation, wool is the most fire-safe fiber used in carpet construction by a considerable margin.

Binding Anyone?

New Bindings

For us, adding various edge treatments to make rugs from standard broadloom is big business for a variety of reasons. First, we have broadloom carpets of wool, sisal, and nylon with colors and textures that make them ideal for use as rugs. Second, we offer a wide variety of binding options. We've got cotton in three or five inch widths. We've got leather and faux leather in an assortment of textures. We've got linen and microfiber as well. And finally, we have the expertise to cut, finish, and ship your custom creation within unbeatable time-frames. So it makes sense to expand the offerings and have just added Five new colors in both three and five inch cotton. They're pictured here. To receive samples of the new items, or everything we offer in bindings, give us a call at 800-547-8266 and we'll ship them your way.

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