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Unique Perspectives - May 2013

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Unique Perspectives
May 2013
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Pakora - color 4981
Pacifica - color Tradewinds
Equinox- color 4118

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Our product development staff gets sick and nervous if they can't introduce a new product every month, so they're at it again. Next up is Somerset, an upscale loop-pile product in twelve beautiful solid colors. New Zealand wool is a perfect blend of luster and clarity and is an ideal substrate for the magnificent colors of Somerset. Like all products we manufacture here in distant and exotic Riverside California, Somerset offers custom colors at very low minimums. So if the standard colors just won't do, we'll be hurt of course but can make you exactly what you want. Somerset is soft, elegant, and surprisingly affordable for such a luxurious product. Samples are in the final stages of development and will be available in all the customary sizes shortly. You can expect a personal preview in the very near future.

Vacuum Recommendation

Those of you who commit every word of these newsletters to memory will note that this is an article we ran in an earlier newsletter. But we get so many questions about which vacuums to use, we felt a re-run was in order. 


Unique specifically recommends a Sanitaire vacuum (model SC888) by Electrolux. It is an affordable upright variety with rotating brushes which are soft enough that they will not damage the carpet. It provides both exceptional cleaning and grooming. Further, Sanitaire vacuums have a manually adjustable head that allows them to be set specifically to the desired height. They can be purchased on-line from any number of sources or a local dealer can be found through their website at


The following links to a sheet we include with every order it tells what to look for in a vacuum and specifically what to avoid.


Vacuum Info PDF 

Did You Know?
  • Wool is an ENERGY SAVER. You can lower your thermostat while your wool carpet helps maintain a comfortable warm environment. 
  • Wool is naturally RESISTENT to DUST MITES 
  • Wool is the most FIRE SAFE fiber used in interior refinishing. While synthetic fibers melt and ignite, wool will char and generally self extinguish when the flame source is removed. 
  • Since sheep do not have dander like cats and dogs, wool is a naturally NON-ALLERGENIC fiber. 
  • Wool is completely compatible with human use in floorcoverings, upholstery fabrics and clothes since it is composed of the same protein that makes up the outer protective layer of your skin. 
  • Sheep were domesticated in Asia over 100,000 years ago and wool production is one of the oldest organized industries in the world.

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