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Unique Perspectives - April 2013

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Unique Perspectives
April 2013
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Pakora - color 4981
Kalahari - color 1523
Equinox- color 4118

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Yipes! Stripes

Check these out. We've recently made several of these and as you can see, for good reason. The two shown here were both made using our sisals, but really any of our wool or nylon broadloom offerings could be used for a similar effect. Made-to-order right here in distant and exotic Riverside, California, these rugs are reminiscent of traditional awnings and cabanas from the Newport high season crafted with a contemporary flair. Although subtle and somewhat understated, they make quite a statement with a very reasonable investment. 


Stripes can be any width or combination of widths and virtually everything we offer will work. Let us be your unpaid in-house design assistants and help you get creative. Set yourself apart by offering stuff your competitors don't.

Custom Wool Collection

Our latest introduction is off and running. "It's climbing the charts!" "It's getting rave reviews!!" "It's a classic in the making!!" O.K., enough with the hype already! Simply put, what the Custom Wool Collection is in reality, a collection of six upscale textures: They include textured loops, a velvet, a big bold Saxony, a sophisticated stripe and a classic shag. All are crafted using 100% Pure New Zealand Wool all made-to-order in any color you choose for as little as 40 yards: Even less if you ask real nice. Why would anyone introduce a collection with an average retail price of $150 per square yard? Maybe we should ask the customer who recently installed 452 square yards, yes that was one order one house over $50,000 worth of carpet. If you've not yet seen the collection, or better yet sold any, let us know and we'll arrange a private showing of a program destined to be an absolute blockbuster!! Oh! Sorry! There we go again.

Wool Carpets and Clean Air

The complex chemistry of wool fiber enables it to bind pollutant gasses including formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and others chemically into its structure. It has been estimated that in this manner, wool carpets can continue purifying indoor air for up to 30 years. Researchers, using a controlled environment chamber, have demonstrated that wool carpet can reduce high levels of introduced formaldehyde to virtually zero within four hours. Studies by the US Gas Research Institute, which compared 35 building and furnishing materials, also showed that wool carpets have one of the highest removal rates of nitrogen dioxide of any of these materials. The UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment has shown that large amounts of sulfur dioxide are also irreversibly absorbed by wool carpets. Wool is a highly complex fiber that has been created by nature over thousands of years. It is simply not possible to get the benefits of wool from any man-made fiber. wool diagram

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