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Unique Perspectives - February 2013

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Unique Perspectives
February 2013
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Georgetown 4103
Georgetown - color 4103
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Lexington - color 1504
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Recent Introduction - High Chaparral

Just over a year ago we introduced one of the most unique nylon loop-pile products we've ever created, High Chaparral. Inspired by the American Southwest, High Chaparral is a big bold residential carpet created using Stainmaster XtraLife nylon with Tactesse fiber. With a palette of twelve 'full-house' colors augmented with virtually unlimited custom color flexibility, High Chaparral has become a real sensation just barely missing the Top Ten at year end. Considering there are nearly 120 running line products in the Unique product range, that's commendable sales growth. If you've not had the opportunity to show it, give it a try.

High Chaparral Indian Summer 
Study This - There will be a test!  
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The Carpet Chronicles


The link provided is to the Carpet and Rug Institutes "Carpet Chronicles, Highlights from the CRI Blog for Retailers and their Customers". There is a wealth of great information here on any number of important topics such as; 

  • The benefits of carpet
  • Carpet and Sustainability
  • Allergies & Carpet
  • CRI Seal of Approval
  • Carpet Cushion

This is a great "refresher course" for seasoned veterans. It's also a great primer for those new to our industry. Plus, it's written simply enough that it can easily be passed along to consumers. For those of us who make a living trying to provide the right products for the intended end use, this is outstanding stuff.

Fifty Shades of Gray

O.K. so we don't have fifty shades, only twenty nine, but for some reason, that title appealed to us. Anyway, the point is Gray has become a very popular category of color and even though we're well known for having natural colors covered, that's not all we do. Check them out.

Heck, as far as colors go, we've even got a couple of blues around here somewhere and with quick custom flexibility and with low minimum requirements in many of our products, your color and texture options are virtually limitless. All makes it possible for you to consider us for much more than just beige.


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