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Unique Perspectives - January 2013

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Unique Perspectives
Janaury 2013
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Check our website for a complete list of brand new inventory.

Georgetown 4103
Georgetown - color 4103
Lexington 1504
Lexington - color 1504
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Happy New Year

Well, here we go again. Thanks to errors in the Mayan calendar, we've all got another year to try to get it right. We wish you the best in all things this upcoming year. From a business perspective, with our huge standing inventory and the best in-stock position in the wool business along with virtually unlimited custom flexibility, we can definitely help you make 2013 as trouble-free as possible.

Our New Website Is Up And Running

We've just completed a total re-do of our web site.  It's constructed so it will reconfigure to fit any mobile device or smart phone you may be using. The good news there is you'll never again have to endure being away from your beloved Unique web site. Check it out and let us know what you think!

iPad UCL website

Great New Features 

We've made it possible for you to order samples right from the site, so if you're on the go and need a few cuttings sent, simply click the order sample option next to the sample(s) you've reviewed and we'll send them right away. 

Sample request screen grab  

Its now easier, and a lot more fun, to review the available Mill Specials. To get the carousel of images to rotate to the desired sample, simply click on the image to the right or left of the center image, and it'll be brought up front for your review.  Click again and available colors and regularly updated available yardage will be shown. 

specials carousel  

New Styles introductions are shown in this same manner. Is this great or what?

new styles carousel  

We've also added Helpful Links in our Care and Maintenance section that provides access to everything from top quality vacuums to spot cleaners. 

helpful links  

On an ongoing basis we're adding exciting new broadloom and rug images in our Dealer Support section that are all available to you for use on your web site or in your print advertising. Regular or large format files are downloadable right from our site. 

dealer support room shots  

Finally, we're constantly fine-tuning to improve visibility and ease the navigation. Check it out and let us know what you think!


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