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Unique Perspectives - December 2012

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Unique Perspectives
December 2012
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Alvarado - 4472
Alvarado - color 4472
Cantina - color  131
Cantina - color 131
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legacy - color 5502

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Seasons Greetings

With the ongoing economic difficulties, a 24-7 presidential campaign, and any number of other challenges too numerous to mention, it has been an "interesting" year to say the least. Through all of it your support has been consistent and unwavering. We'd like to take this time to say thank you and wish you and your family the best of the Holiday season and a prosperous 2013.


Holiday Thank You

Sisal? Seagrass? We got em!

Recent additions Marcela, Pamplona, and Sea Island have been successful additions to our sisal and seagrass collection. But did you know that Tonga, pictured here, our big bold woven sisal and perennial sales leader (among our natural fiber offerings) has recently had a very significant decrease in price. That's right! Decrease! Who could imagine such a thing? It's available in four magnificent natural colors and readily available. So if you're in need of sisal or sea grass whether it's for wall to wall or area rug application, we've got the goods stocked in-depth right here in our Southern California facility.


Edge Finishing Options

Check out these binding options! Nice wouldn't you say? Cotton, Faux Leather, Linen, Microfiber, Leather, and serging is all available right here at Unique in the colors shown. So not only are these perfect finishing touches for the previously mentioned sisal and sea grass products, they work magnificently on any of our wool and nylon broadloom products as well. They're all available (quickly) in any size you like. If you don't have cuttings of our binding options, give us a call and we'll send you some. If you don't have cuttings of our edge finishing options, just give us a call and well send them your way.

and Since we're on the topic of rugs...

Here's one designed to look like a peppermint stick in keeping with the Holidays. With Holiday decorating becoming an extreme form of temporary design, the growth in categories like this is something with surprising potential and a great opportunity for additional sales. Now if we get a request next Halloween for a rug that resembles orange and licorice jelly beans, we'll let you know.

Custom Pepperment Stick  

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