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November 2012

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Alvarado - 4472
Alvarado - color 4472
Alvarado - 4472
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Iberia - color 004

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Softer Than Sisal - The Sequel

For over twenty years, Softer Than Sisal has been a top selling products. To remain viable for that long in a fashion-driven industry is rare. To remain at the top of the charts that long is almost unprecedented. We are proud to not only add but improve a timeless classic. It doesn't replace the existing product, it expands the brand with five new colors. Additionally, these aren't just new colors, they're colors created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. No dyes are used. So, Softer than Sisal Naturals not only adds a new saga to the franchise it also caters to the increasing number of consumers looking for products that are as natural as possible. 


Softer Than Sisal Naturals available in the colors listed below.


Softer Than Sisal Naturals

Vegas Baby

After doing extensive field research, we've determined that all the casinos in Las Vegas use wool carpets. Apart from wools clean-ability and its legendary ability to 'age gracefully', it's also flame resistant. And although we only have second-hand knowledge of this, we're told cigarettes, cigars and any number of other incendiary devices are dropped, thrown and stomped on in these casinos by the partying high-fliers.  With synthetic carpet the result is a permanent black, melted crater or worse. With wool carpets they're only singed and with vacuuming, they're ready for more. And although residential carpets seldom endure this type of abuse, it's comforting for your customers to know that wool is one of the most fire-safe interior finishes available.  

Vegas Field Research

Custom Flexibility? Think of Us!

With high-speed tufting and continuous-dye ranges that can color 5,000 yards an hour, custom flexibility is becoming increasingly rare. Not here at Unique. We are one of a handful of truly boutique operations that exist world-wide and we love this stuff.  Apart from custom wool rugs that we can create to your exact size and color specifications one rug at a time, we've also got unbelievable flexibility in custom broadloom. Shown here is Harmony, one of six recent custom broadloom introductions that are available in any color you want for as little as 40 square yards at no additional charge. Textures ranging from classically formal to casual and contemporary are all available. So for your customers who have to have their exact texture and shade, think of us. Custom Broadloom and Rugs are all made right here in our Southern California facility and turn around times are unequalled.

  Harmony Room Image

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