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Accolades for Accolade

Introduced earlier this year Accolade is 'climbing the charts'! Year to date it's just out of the top ten (considering we have 68 other broadloom products and 44 rugs on our current price list, that's a noteworthy place to be for a rookie) and in September it was number four overall. We're not surprised. Although it looks good in samples, it looks spectacular on the floor. Tufted specifically for Unique in New Zealand using 100% pure New Zealand Wool, Accolade is beautifully styled, meticulously engineered, and is a magnificent addition to any d�cor. Those of you who've sold it, know what we're talking about. Those of you who haven't..well, we know who you are!

Accolade Almost Top 10

It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

At least according to Kermit the frog it ain't. But if you have customers with environmental concerns or with chemical sensitivities, or both, it's really not that difficult at all. We've got 'em covered. Well, their floors at least. Our products Cascade Naturals, Sierra Naturals, and Stratford use no chemical dyes. Their colors are created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. Don't even THINK about asking for blue. Additionally, they also use no chemical moth-proofing agents since those who are looking to go as natural as possible generally try to avoid as many chemicals as they can. 


We've also just introduced Four Seasons, a very successful new-product launch that also uses pure un-dyed New Zealand wool and we've got more on the way. So for whatever shade of green your customers desire, we've got products throughout the range that fill their needs.

Green carpets

But Wait, There's More!

Disposal of used carpets is a considerable concern worldwide and many options are now being explored and implemented, especially with wool carpets. Secondary backings made from recycled wool carpets are in final stages of development. You'll be seeing them in place on Unique broadloom introductions in the not too distant future. Another promising development is Closed Loop Recycling of used wool carpets by shredding them for use as fertilizer. This provides increased levels of important nutrients to make pasture grasses grow which sheep eat, 'fueling' the growth of wool. This closed loop cycle (grass ˃ wool ˃ carpet ˃ grass) is a very efficient form of fiber recycling because it's solar powered. No smokestacks required!


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