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Unique Perspectives - August 2012

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Unique Perspectives
August 2012
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Lucerne - 1308
Lucerne - color 1308
Palisades 1770
Palisades - color 1770
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Abba- color 2862

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And The Hits Just Keep on Coming!

We seem to be on a roll lately since we're about to launch yet another new product. The latest, LA PAZ, is again made using a 50% wool, 50% synthetic blend and we're labeling it with our Performance Wool Blend logo. This unique carpet combines classic aesthetics, exceptional durability, and a class one flammability rating, all at an extremely attainable price. LA PAZ is offered in four natural Berber color-ways. It's currently in the final stages of sample manufacture and will be available soon.


La Paz room

Coming Soon 

Don't tell anyone! We're giving you a sneak preview here, but it has to be a secret. The photo shown is one of the new patterns that we'll soon be packaging in a collection of patterned and big, thick loop-pile rugs. We may even throw in a couple of shags just to spice things up. Hey! We love that stuff!. Like the existing Shagtastic Collection and Couture Coordinates, these rugs will be crafted using over 150 inventoried yarns. And, like those collections, we can combine standard yarns in just about any combination you like OR custom dye most of them to your exact shade. We can also turn your own patterns into a one-of-a-kind custom work-of-art. Look for it in the next few months. In the meantime, don't say a word.

Rimfire room image
Rimfire Patterned Rug


Renewable Wool 

Rimfire room image So the steer and the sheep are talking about making jackets and the sheep says "Great! I'll provide the wool, you provide the leather". Well, the steer wants to think about this for a while since the removal of his hide requires a significantly greater participation in the process than that of the sheep. Sheep are routinely shorn once or twice a year and thereafter return to the field to munch grass and grow more wool. Removal of a hide, on the other hand, is a major one-time commitment. So wool is not only an environmentally friendly natural fiber, it's a renewable resource in the truest sense. And, since grass is the "fuel" used in its production, it is considered a Bio-based fiber. Not a smoke-stack in sight.  So for the environmentally concerned or those using green-building practices, wool is the natural choice. 




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