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Unique Perspectives - July 2012

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Unique Perspectives
July 2012
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Albany Shores
Albany Shores - color 194
Natures Choice Special
Natures Choice - color 4053
Mirage Special
Mirage - color 4390

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Coming Soon - Sophia


We're currently in the final stages of manufacturing samples of SOPHIA, our latest broadloom introduction. It's made using yarn that is 50% Pure New Wool and 50% polypropylene. After significantly testing this product both here and in Europe, we're happy to announce it performed flawlessly, AND carries a Class 1 flammability rating. Accordingly, we've labeled it a Performance Wool Blend. With a palette of natural heathers, SOPHIA blends style, value, and durability in equal measure. Look for it soon.

When Too Much Isn't Enough

Pictured here is a custom version of one of our standard rugs Highlands. Just in case you have not memorized every product we make, Highlands is made using the largest yarn we inventory; a big felted New Zealand Wool four-ply that's over 3/8 of an inch thick and more closely resembles telephone line than carpet yarn. 

Highlands custom thick yarn 

In its standard configuration Highlands has a face weight of 180 ounces. 180 OUNCES! Well, according to one of our Las Vegas customers, that just wasn't quite enough. The carpet shown here has a face weight of 256 ounces. That's sixteen pounds of pure New Zealand Wool per square yard!. So if you have customers whose tastes run to the super-sized, give us a call. With almost non-existent yardage requirements and nominal (if any) surcharges, our custom capabilities are pretty astonishing.

Blending Exterior Elements With Interior Design

South Beach custom Tree House 

Here's a photo of a one-of-a-kind, free-form custom rug designed and sold by Colony Rug in Hanover Massachusetts. Resembling a grassy meadow, this rug (South Beach in the color Key Lime) was installed in a custom home deep the wild forests of Vermont. At least it looks like a wild forest to us since they haven't even cleared the trees out of the house yet. Anyway, apart from that, the rug not only needed to be cut to fit the existing 'forest', it also needed to fit intricate designs in the floor that aren't visible in the photograph. Very nice! So if you have customers who would like to commune with nature without leaving the house, give us a call.

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