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Unique Perspectives - June 2012

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Unique Perspectives
June 2012
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ABC Wool- Special
ABC Wool - color 1230
Andalucia Special
Andalucia - color 4140
Bahnhof Special
Bahnhof - color 1830

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Our Newest Introduction


Just out is our latest broadloom product, London Court. It's a 100% pure wool, patterned loop-pile with an extremely attractive price-point for today's value-focused consumer. Imported from Europe, London Court has a look reminiscent of cobbled lanes and palace walls. With an attractive pattern subtle enough to complement any design theme, London Court is available in four, equally attractive, "full-house" natural color-ways. Samples are in-stock and readily available.

Custom Rugs

This beautiful, free-form, multi-textured rug was designed by Brandi Hagen of Eminent Interior Design in Minneapolis and built right here in Southern California by the craftsmen at Unique.  The colors, turquoise and cinnabar, are the home-owners favorites and are repeated throughout the room in varying textures and patterns. The house, on Lake Minnetonka, is spectacular with only one problem that we can see.  They've got too much of that pesky furniture on top of the rug.  Other than that, it's beautiful.  We'd be happy to turn your best design into a flooring work of art.  Providing  you promise to go easy on the furniture.



Cleaning Solutions

spilled coffee on carpet 

Trouble for any interior textile is hot coffee. Here's why; Coffee is highly acidic, just like the dyes used to add color to carpet. Coffee is hot, often near the same temperature as required in carpet dyeing to affix color to yarn. In short, double trouble. All is not lost, the following links to a quick and easy way to get coffee out of carpet. Use it on your own carpet or share it with your sloppy customers. And enjoy your double lattes anywhere you like.


How to remove coffee stains from carpet

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