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Unique Perspectives - May 2012

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Unique Perspectives
May 2012
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Rich Kids

We are convinced that it is the right of every child in America to have a rug like this in their room and are asking you to join us in our quest to make that happen. You can start perhaps with your own children. 

custom baby rug 

The rug shown was ordered by one of our Los Angeles dealers intended for use in the nursery of a well-heeled West Side baby. Nice don't you think? In this case the blue yarn was custom dyed to just the right shade of soft, baby blue. 


However in most cases, with over 150 standard, inventoried yarns in a wide array of textures and lusters, we usually combine them in custom combinations without the need to custom dye. So if your customer has a fabric they want you to match in a spectacular custom rug, you don't even need to ponder the possibilities; just send us a fabric sample and we'll do the work. We'll provide you a pom (or poms) at no-charge that will coordinate perfectly with your customers design scheme. Make us part of your creative team; you'll like what we can do for you and, of course, the children of America.

Speaking of Custom Rugs

Here is an example of a custom patterned rug created on our single-needle, robotic hand-tufter. 

custom rug with robot 

The rug shown, along with a wide variety of others, will soon be packaged in a complete collection, in big bold designs similar to this. But why wait! We have the capability to create patterns of this type on a made-to-order basis right now! So if you're working on projects where patterns similar to this would be ideal, give us a call.


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Broadloom Padding Recommendation

Many manufacturers will void warranties if 'improper' pads are used. We're not among them! There are many varieties on the market and all of them offer reasonable levels of softness underfoot as well as protection for the carpet, but the variety we always recommend for wall to wall installation is good old bonded urethane (which is the uptown name for Rebond). It's light, easy to work with, does not flatten out in traffic lanes, its relatively low in VOC's, and is incredibly durable. In fact, some manufacturers warrant it for life. Not for the life of the carpet, YOUR life. Finally, it's fairly reasonably priced by comparison to many: Some natural fiber pads cost more than the carpet they're protecting. From our perspective, Rebond should be 3/8" thick in 8 to 10lb density. This creates a great feel underfoot and is dense enough that the pad won't 'bottom out' under heavy foot traffic. By the way, 8 lb. density merely means a one foot square block of this stuff would weigh 8 pounds. Clever people those pad guys.

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