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Unique Perspectives - April 2012

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Unique Perspectives
April 2012
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Our Latest Broadloom Introduction - Four Seasons


By looking at the photo, you'd probably never guess which season is our favorite. Hey, we're Californians, we seize up when the temperature falls below sixty. But from our point of view, more important than our seasonal challenges is the product named after all four of them; Four Seasons. It's an excellent interpretation of the classical, ribbed, loop-pile carpet and is tufted with 100% pure wool.  It's offered in an assortment (four - one per season) of un-dyed natural color ways. Four Seasons uses a unique four-ply yarn that adds beauty to the texture, subtlety to the colorations, and unparalleled long-term durability. Samples in all the conventional sizes will be available within days.

 Four Seasons room and close up

Shock Therapy!!

Wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere; nearly 30% of its weight without feeling damp.

It's this moisture absorption that keeps static buildup below annoying 'blue-arc' levels. However, wool also acts like a natural air conditioner absorbing

ASID moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry. During periods of extreme dryness, such as during the middle of winter when windows are closed and heaters run, this moisture releasing property, on occasion, may temporarily compromise wools ability to completely eliminate noticeable static build-up. Misting with distilled or ionized water will help dramatically and as soon as temperatures warm and heater use diminishes, noticeable static build-up will disappear.


You Want It When? 

Stressed Out business manRecently we had an 'opportunity' to attempt the impossible. A New York dealer needed a large Aloha Sands area rug for a hotel grand opening. The dealer didn't want to place an order for a one-of-a-kind custom rug without confirmation from the hotel and we didn't want to produce a one-off custom rug without an order from the dealer. But the opening date was absolute and the rug needed to be there absolutely. So, after much hand wringing mixed with fair amounts of stress, the dealer received official confirmation and we received an official PO. Giving us a full two-days to create, finish, and ship the rug.  


We're currently quoting two to three WEEKS on custom rugs (a little less if orders are accompanied with threats of bodily harm) so this was going to be a real challenge. A few of our employees missed a couple of dinners, but we finished the rug and delivered it on time.  


We can't promise that sort of thing on a daily basis, but if you're in a rush, give us your deadline and see what we can do.



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