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Unique Perspectives - March 2012

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Unique Perspectives
March 2012
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Marcela - Intro
Cantina - color 131
Cantara Special
Cantara - color 4151
Lexington Special
Lexington- color 1504

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Our Latest Introduction - Hampton Roads


Our latest broadloom introduction, Hampton Roads, is a tufted multi-level loop. It captures the refined elegance of woven carpets used in the grand estates of the Eastern Seaboard.  Tightly twisted, three-ply yarns in a short, dense construction ensure its timeless good looks will endure.  Hampton Roads is available in four 'heathered', neutral color-ways.

 Hampton Roads room and close up


We've said it before, if you need photo images for your advertising purposes, we've got them and you're welcome to use any you like. Large (or standard) format image files are downloadable right from our web site, at dealer-support/images.


Pictured here is an example of what Wurts Interiors in San Diego did to one of their company vehicles using one of our images. According to the folks at Wurts it has generated a lot of interest, it's far less expensive than a billboard AND, its portable. 

PT Cruiser Wrap
Wurts Interiors Vehicle Wrap Featuring FREE image from UCL.

Happy New Zealand Sheep 

If sheep could vote, they'd rule New Zealand because they outnumber the human population by more than 10 to 1. But, based on their quality of life, they really don't need to be politically active. Most New Zealand sheep lead an idyllic life. They live in a comfortable climate, eat grass and are free to roam in search of it. They're never in feed lots and never eat anything that's been sprayed, treated, or planted specifically for them. It's all naturally growing good stuff straight from the earth. Plus with so few sheep per acre, they've got plenty of elbow-room (although sadly, no elbows) and never have to fight the crowds to get a meal. All that AND free haircuts twice a year. No wonder New Zealand sheep grow such highly regarded wool. Virtually every Unique wool carpet is either 100% New Zealand wool or uses a large percentage in the blend. 

Happy Sheep 

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