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Unique Perspectives - November 2011

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Unique Perspectives
November 2011
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Sequoia - 1814
Sequoia - 1814
Sedona - 2137
Kileen 2295
Kileen - 2295

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Our Latest Introductions

After a flurry of broadloom introductions, we gave our product development staff time off for good behavior last month. Well now they're back and at it again. We just don't seem to be able slow these guys down! They're putting the finishing touches on the three new sisal introductions shown below. You can expect a personal preview in the very near future.


New Sisal for November 11  

Our Latest Introductions - Take Two

In an effort to make it easier for you to review all the new and exciting things coming from our Product Development Department, we've added a section to our web site that shows our new styles. The section is called New Styles. Pretty creative title wouldn't you say? Anyway, it shows 'thumbnail' photos of each new style. Simply click on each one for an in depth review of the texture and available colors. With over sixty-five broadloom styles and forty-four rugs shown on our latest price list, we want to make sure our latest doesn't get lost in the crowd.

Discover New Syles
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Pssst... Wanna See Some Pictures?

We're constantly adding to our photo image bank and have them available for your use at no-charge in your print advertising, on your website, or as in-store decorative pieces. They're all listed on our web site
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Just click the Dealer Support Tab on the home page, then click Images. Any images shown are available for your use and are downloadable right from the site. Simply select the size file you need and you're on your way. If you choose to use any; we'd like to thank you for including us in your marketing plans and if you choose not to use any: What's up with that?

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