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Unique Perspectives - October 2011

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Unique Perspectives
October 2011
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New Sales Heights With High Chaparral

Recently introduced, our latest nylon loop, High Chaparral, is really off to a great start. In September it already moved into our Top Ten at number seven. And why not?  With its highly twisted, textured loops secured by the industry's finest back-coating system, employing the tightest woven secondary backing available, it's a perfect balance of unsurpassed residential performance and exceptional aesthetics. If offers a complete range of fashionable color-ways with unlimited custom flexibility with very low minimum requirements.If you haven't had the opportunity to show it yet, now's the time.In these difficult times, upscale buyers are still out there and based on the initial success of High Chaparral, they're spending money.

High Chaparral Black Hills
High Chaparral - Black Hills

Service After The Sale

How do you keep your customers thinking about you between orders? ... By offering a service department. Stock a variety of D.I.Y. spot cleaners, D.I.Y. dry cleaning powders such as Host, who even offers a low-cost applicator brush you can rent to your clients after you've sold them the powder. There's stone polish, sisal sealers, and, well, you get the point.  


Web sites like Red Hot Carpet Cleaning could be a source for virtually everything you'd need. Aside from providing you an additional profit center, you're customers will be tempted by the latest in must-have floor fashions every time they walk through your showroom to visit the service department.  

Shedding of Wool

Sheep with straight hairTry as we will, we haven't been able to teach sheep to grow continuous filament wool. The individual fibers that make up wool yarn vary from 3 to 5 inches in length and that's pretty much it. As a result, along any length of wool yarn there are going to be loose fibers resulting in initial shedding in both loop-pile and cut-pile carpets. This shedding manifests itself as little clumps of fiber resembling cotton candy (other than its generally not pink) lying randomly about. Although this can be somewhat disconcerting, the carpet is not coming apart and is not being vacuumed away. It can look like a lot but in actuality, the amount of fiber lost in this manner is minimal. This is the nature of wool carpet and after exposure to regular maintenance, shedding will stop. Honest!  

Create a Vignette 

Show Room
As this picture shows, there is no better way to sell things than by placing them in a "real-world" setting. O.K., so maybe you don't have a 75,000 square foot showroom with room to spare.   

So create vignettes!

Nothing creates a better visual than an occasional table decorated with perhaps a lamp and an accessory or two sitting atop a 3' x 3' Shagtastic rug.  With virtually unlimited custom flexibility in size color and texture, it's often difficult to actually inventory custom-made-to-order items like these since if you have a 6' x 9', they invariably want a 5'7" x 9'3", but a vignette can do the trick. It paints a visual picture of how the rug will look in their home and can really create interest at a fraction of the cost of inventory. Aside from that, you'll benefit in every department from the image of a full-service, high-fashion retailer that only vignettes can create.
Let us work with you on these. We'll be happy to waive our 54 square foot minimum requirement for any small rug intended for vignette use.

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