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Unique Perspectives - September 2011

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Unique Perspectives
September 2011
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Kileen - 2292

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Carly - 4192

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Our Latest Introduction...

Well let's see... In May we introduced our big, textured nylon loop, High Chaparral. In June it was the uniquely ribbed wool loop Shenandoah. In July Accolade, a solid color random wool loop was introduced and in August we introduced Diamond Head; a cut-loop pattern of pure wool. We sort of feel like we should do something since we seem to be on a roll. But we think we're taking a break.Maybe we'll go to the beach. But before we do, let us know if you haven't had the opportunity to review any of these new styles. The initial response to all of them has been fabulous and we're confident they'd make excellent additions to your product mix.

Four months of introductions 

New Prices Go Into Effect Monday October 3rd

Unfortunately, with dramatic increases in the cost of virtually every raw material used in carpet manufacture, including unprecedented increases in the price of wool, we have no choice but to adjust our prices accordingly. Our new prices will go into effect Monday, October  3rd.All orders placed for immediate shipment through Friday September 30th will be honored at existing prices. You should be receiving your new price list in the mail within the next few days. In the meantime, if you have any orders pending, now is a good time to place them.

Wool - Natural Static Control

High Voltage with red lightening 

Wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture from the air. This not only provides natural air conditioning by absorbing moisture during periods of high humidity and releasing it when the air is dry, it also offers natural static control. Moisture is an ideal conductor of static electricity so wool, with its excellent moisture absorbing properties, keeps static buildup below the threshold of human sensitivity in all but the most extreme conditions. This makes the need to blend carbon fibers into the yarn bundle or the use of topical sprays, unnecessary. Wool. Static controlled...Naturally

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