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Unique Perspectives - August 2011

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Unique Perspectives
August 2011
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Kileen - 2293

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Aloha From Diamond Head

Ah yes!  

Hula Dancers

Palm trees swaying in the Trade Winds, Mai Tai's on the lanai at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the sun setting over Diamond Head; does it get any better than this? 



Oh wait...wrong Diamond Head.





The one we're talking about is our newest broadloom introduction. Our Diamond Head draws inspiration from the most popular motif in interior adornment since the advent of interiors; the diamond.  In every culture, in every era, the diamond has been a mainstay of interior design. Ours is unique in that there is no shortage of solid color cut-loop diamond patterns on the market, but those crafted using 100% pure New Zealand Wool are surprisingly rare. Diamond Head's diamond pattern is presented in a perfect scale for residential use. Large enough to create interest on the floor, yet small enough to easily incorporate into any design theme. 


Diamond Head is in-stock and available now with samples also available in all the standard sizes.  You can expect a personal preview soon. 


Unfortunately, Mai Tai's are an extra cost option.

Diamond Head New
Diamond Head - 2824
Wool Carpets And Allergic Reactions 
Sick Sheep
Allergies are widespread in the developed world and the incidence is increasing for two main reasons:
  • A greatly increased number of synthetic substances being produced
  • Improved diagnosis of allergic conditions

However, when it comes to allergies, it's not wool carpet causing you to sneeze. Wool fibers are too long and too coarse to be inhaled. Plus, wool is a natural, non-allergenic fiber and does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites, nor does it give off harmful emissions. 


In fact, cumulative evidence now strongly suggests that properly maintained wool carpets actually have a beneficial effect on people's health. A major European Community Respiratory Health study of 19,218 people in 30 centers in 17 countries concluded that wall-to-wall wool carpets in bedrooms were associated with dramatically reduced incidents of allergic and asthmatic symptoms. This effect was consistent over all 30 centers studied. 

Here's A Brilliant Idea! Custom Colors 

color wheel light bulbs 

Our current price list shows over 65 broadloom products available in over 500 colors.  The vast majority of those colors are "full-house" background shades. There's very little in the way of green, blue and red, but there are a whole lot of perfect neutrals that pair beautifully with green, blue, or red. Great! 


But maybe you've got a bright idea that you'd like us to duplicate your own perfect shade.  Medium light olive-drab with a touch of pink?  No problem!  Our ability to custom color wool cuts, loops, and multi-colored patterns as well as nylon loops in solids and heathers is unsurpassed.


They're all made right here in Southern California so our turn-around times are quick, and our yardage requirements are surprisingly low. Even lower sometimes if you ask real nice. So give us a try. You'll like the results.

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