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Unique Perspectives - July 2011

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Unique Perspectives
July 2011
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Mill Special Hyde Park - 2151

Hyde Park - 2151

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Kempten - 1685

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Our Latest Introduction - Accolade
We're extremely pleased to announce the introduction of Accolade, our newest introduction. Accolade is, not surprisingly, a low-profile residential loop-pile carpet in six natural colorways. Although the description is accurate, Accolade is far more than just that. Its casual random texture is a look made famous decades ago and one that we've been hoping to replicate on conventional tufting equipment for years. It has a texture that is uniquely non-directional and a look that is ideal for any d�cor. Accolade is manufactured in New Zealand and is offered is six exceptionally viable natural, solid colors. High-quality, high-fashion New Zealand wool packed into its short, dense construction ensures that Accolade will perform as good as it looks. You can expect a personal preview within the next few weeks.
Accolade - 2505

One of the mainstays of our Nylon product assortment, ranking third overall, Bavaria has been a solid performer since its introduction nearly a decade ago. Much of its sales success comes from the fact that it is ideal for both wall-to-wall or area rug application, providing the look quite similar to some of our Shagtastic custom rugs at a fraction of the price. Virtually complaint free, Bavaria is a solid performer when it comes to long-term durability as well. So, we've decided to update it with three new color options. Chocolate Mocha is a rich deep brown. Caraway Seed is an earthy, taupe-like neutral with a hint of green and Antiquity Grey is a perfect neutral gray. So we've not strayed too far from providing colors with broad based appeal.
Tufted Nylon - Bavaria New Colors
One Needle - Big Money

So what do you get when you order a new tufting machine? Well, if you ordered a 1/10" gauge machine you'd have 1,440 needles precision tufting across a 12 foot width, 1,440 hooks to grab the yarn off the needles, and 1440 blades to cut each tuft (if we're making cut-piles). Well, we recently spent a similar amount of money on a tufting machine and it only has ONE NEEDLE. In fact, we liked it so much, we bought another. So, you might ask what do these things do for us? Wonderful things! We can tuft loop-pile carpets with yarn that's too large for any tufting machine or impossible for any single-needle hand-tufter; yarn so large it looks more like telephone cable than carpet yarn. Our products Cobblestone and St. Moritz are examples. Additionally, we can make large-scale diamonds, squares, circles and much more. All custom made-to-order in the exact size and color(s) you need with surprisingly low minimums.  


Watch this process in action.

Carpet Creations: Robotic Hand Tufting
Carpet Creations: Robotic Hand Tufting


  • There are more than 150 yards of wool yarn in a baseball.
  • One pound of wool can make ten miles of yarn. We're thinking it must be pretty small yarn.
  • Spinning wool into yarn began about 5,000 years ago
  • We almost named this newsletter The Wool Street Journal

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