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Unique Perspectives - June 2011

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Unique Perspectives
June 2011
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Our Latest Introduction - Shenandoah
Viewed from the air, the Blue Ridge Mountains present a ribbed appearance of numerous parallel mountain ranges separated by wide, straight valleys; one of them is the Shenandoah Valley. This unique piece of geography is unlike any other in the United States and is the inspiration behind our latest broadloom introduction, Shenandoah.

Like its namesake, our Shenandoah also presents a ribbed appearance by the placement of one high row and two low rows that result in a texture that's unlike anything currently available here. It has a casual, comfortable, homespun appearance with just enough texture to create interest on the floor without dominating a design theme.

Manufactured using 100% pure New Zealand wool, Shenandoah is available in five heather color-ways from white to rich brown and gray. It was included on our price list of March 21st and is available now. You can expect a preview in the very near future.
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Upscale Wool At Down To Earth Prices

100% pure new wool for every customer, every day!! Wool; the worlds pre-eminent high-fashion carpet fiber for over five thousand years (give or take a millennium or two) is in fact available at surprisingly affordable prices.  


We've got several such products. Six are pictured here. Random loops, ribs, and stripes, combine to make a very nice collection designed to separate you from the conventional and the ordinary without breaking the bank to do so. They're all stocked in-depth right here at our Southern California facility and are readily available.  

Upscale Wool article collage image 

Give us a call for an in depth review. View our website for details and available colors.  

Etna, Granada, Kalahari, Lexington, Oasis, Santorini   

Flammability And Wool

If you've ever visited the industry trade show, Surfaces, in Las Vegas Nevada, you may have had the opportunity to walk through a casino (only to get to the show of course). You may have also noticed the three top activities therein are gambling, drinking, and smoking; all being enjoyed to the extreme. Which is the main reason casinos make these facilities as fire safe as possible and is the main reason why every one of them uses 100% pure wool carpet.  


Why is that you may ask?  


Because pure wool is the most "fire safe" fiber of any fiber used in interior finishing and in Las Vegas, lit cigarettes are dropped, thrown, stomped out and any number of other things other than properly extinguished. Hey, you can't be tidy when you're on a roll. Aside from that, wool carpet is regularly specified for installations with the most stringent flammability regulations, such as passenger aircraft.


Wool's flame-resistant qualities include :  

  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Difficult to ignite due to requiring a much higher ignition temperature � Low flame-spread
  • Forms an insulating, cool char and self-extinguishes
  • Contributes less to smoke or toxic gas formation (compared to synthetic fibers).


So while very few of us are throwing lit cigarettes about in the house, accidents do happen such as a tipped candle or an ember from the fireplace. So the peace of mind realized from a 'fire-safe' investment in 100% pure wool is truly worthwhile.

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