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Unique Perspectives - May 2011

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Unique Perspectives
May 2011
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Eden Mill Special 1420
Eden Mill Special 1433

Eden colors 1420 & 1433, two of eleven available color-ways.

Panache Mill Special Panache color 2671, a fashionable woven sisal.

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Coming Soon!
We'll soon be launching one of the most unique nylon loop-pile products we've ever created, High Chaparral. Inspired by the American Southwest, High Chaparral is a big, bold residential carpet created using Stainmaster XtraLife nylon with Tactesse fiber. High Chaparral is engineered to withstand even the most demanding residential traffic and is offered in a texture of casual elegance. It is available in a standard palette of twelve 'full-house' background shades augmented with virtually unlimited custom color flexibility. We're in the final stages of preparing samples in all the standard sizes so you can expect a review in the not too distant future. It'll be worth the wait.
Coming Soon High Chaparral
High Chaparral in the color Black Hills
Larva and Beetles and Moths, Oh My!

Bug cartoonMost wool carpets are treated with moth-resist agents. Why? Because even moths enjoy wool's natural goodness. Moth-resist treated wool is harmless to humans and pets. In fact, even wool-eating insects cannot be harmed by the mere contact with the treated fiber. Only if they try nibbling will they have issues. The most widely used moth-resist agent is permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, which is chemically very similar to pyrethrum, a naturally occurring insecticide found in a number of chrysanthemum varieties. Safe, effective, and permanent, Permethrin has been approved for use by every environmental and health organization world-wide as well as the World Health Organization. There have been no reported cases of serious illness caused by Permetnrin anywhere in the world. 


There are a growing number of people who either have or have convinced themselves that they have chemical sensitivities. For them we offer products that are un-dyed and are not moth-treated. They are Sierra Naturals, Cascade Naturals, and Stratford. Just because they aren't treated with moth-resist chemistry doesn't mean they'll appear in a moth buffet line any time soon. In fact some of the oldest carpets on earth have been discovered in tombs on the Silk Road in China dating back five thousand years or more, well before moth proofing, and they're still in tact. All that is required on our treatment-free products is a little extra care in maintenance in dark and seldom trafficked areas.

Un-Dyed Natural Wool Carpet 


Aside from the ability to create custom rugs for you of unlimited detail and intricacy, we also offer simple bound rugs. Using bindings of leather, faux leather, cotton and linen, broadloom can be transformed into magnificent rugs that fit any budget. And, with offerings ranging from nylon loops and shags, formal woven wool, sisal, seagrass and big berber wool loops, it's possible to create a lot of interest on the floor that's easy to incorporate into any design theme. Simply pick a carpet, pick a binding, pick any size you like, and your rug will be custom made-to-order and quickly delivered to you from our Southern California facility. Shown here are some of the binding options available. (click image to view our entire line of binding offerings) 

Area Rug Binding Options
Unique goes Utube

We've even got videos. Is this a great newsletter or what? We were recently called upon to create a large free-form rug using custom-dyed broadloom as component materials. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of the process. As you can see custom creating anything imaginable is a very big part of what we do. Let us build one for you.

Carpet Creations: Inset and Carved
Carpet Creations: Inset and Carved

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