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Unique Perspectives - December 2010

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Sheep Seldom Shiver
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Holiday Bells All of us here would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts that have made 2010 another successful year here at Unique and to wish you and your family the very best of the Holiday Season and a healthy profitable 2011.
Our Latest Introduction - La Scala
La Scala 2138
La Scala, Milan's landmark opera house, opened for business in 1778 and soon became the late-night place to be. In the ensuing 232 years it has endured world wars, economic upheaval, plague, bombings and fire and has become a lasting symbol of upscale elegance and beauty. Our version shares a lot of these qualities. It is a precision-tufted loop-pile in a classical grid-like pattern of Pure New Zealand Wool. Its dense, low-profile construction ensures that it too will become a lasting symbol of elegance and beauty and its palette of five clean, elegant, solid-colors will stand the test of time. We might not get 232 years out of it, but we're confident La Scala will have a long shelf-life. Contact us for a personal preview.

Sheep Seldom Shiver
Why is that you might ask? Well, it's partly because wolves can hear teeth chattering from a thousand yards, but mainly it's because sheep are well insulated with their own coat of natural, home-grown wool. When used as floor-covering wool is not only soft and elegant underfoot, it breathes, helping keep things cool and comfortable during the hottest months and insulates keeping thing warm and cozy during the colder months. In fact, wool carpet is unquestionably the best insulating material available for use as an interior textile and, as such, can greatly reduce energy costs.

Read about our environmental commitment.

Survey 2010 - What Retailers Think
Top Choice Ribbon Floor Focus magazine recently published their annual survey of what retailers think on a variety of topics. When asked to name their favorite carpet mill in the areas of service, quality, and design, Unique was the only major wool manufacturer/importer to be named in all three. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver to you fashionable, premium-quality merchandise on time from a large standing inventory. Apparently many of you have noticed.
Very Special Specials
If you're looking for some real values, some first quality wool broadloom at not-so-first-quality pricing, check out our website for a complete list of specials, This is all first-quality merchandise that we purchase as close-outs or overstocks from our European suppliers. Plus, you don't need to inventory several rolls to qualify for pricing (although you can fell free to inventory several rolls if you like). Everything shown is available on a cut-order basis. Here are the latest offerings:
Pananche - 2474
Vintage Lace - 7232
Tangiers - 2140

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