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Unique Perspectives September, 2019

Unique Perspectives
September, 2019

Our Latest Broadloom Introduction - Midtown Grays
Midtown Grays new style room image
Our Product Development guys are firing on all cylinders and have a whole slew of new products in the pipeline nearing introduction.  Last month we announced the upcoming launch of Sundance whose samples are in the final stages of manufacture and will be available within the next day or two. Next up is Midtown Grays, a 100% New Zealand wool loop-pile carpet offered in a collection of exclusively gray color-ways. Hence the name Midtown GRAYS.  Clever? Not Clever? Anyway, with its casually elegant texture and its very attainable price, Midtown Grays is, like Sundance before it, another in our collection of upscale wool products without the upscale wool price.  It too will wear our new Wool Values label. 
Midtown Grays new style colorways
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Barrington - 4184
Bison - 4196
Homestead - 4463*
*New lower price 
Here are a few of the latest offerings. They all represent great values and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price: Order what you need. To see them all click  here.
Custom Rug Solution

Although we claim that we love to sha re shots of some of the custom rugs we make, the truth is we're trying to convince you to order several . And why shouldn't you? They're not expensive. As an example, a 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe costs just $320,700 For that kind of dough you could own seventy-five 9' x 12' St. Moritz rugs and still have a few thousand in walking around money left over. So let's pick up the pace.
Custom Rug - Antiquity
But in the meantime take a look at this one. It's a 14' x 29' custom variation of one of our standard Contemporary Classics patterns, Antiquity. Custom in that the pattern is approximately 150% of standard size and it also includes a border. It's tufted using one of our standard in-house grays and as good as it looks in pictures, this rug is fantastic in person. So whatever you're looking for from a totally custom masterpiece to a subtle variation on a standard design, or anything in between, we got that.

Tour De Fleece Title

The Tour De France isn't the only event that gets wheels spinning. That's right...It's the Tour De Fleece and it's a world-wide event. Here's the deal. Around the world during the Tour De France wool spinners break out their spinning wheels and spin wool yarn. Started by an American in 2006 for reasons unbeknownst to most, the Tour de Fleece includes thousands of spinners around the globe who compete in teams and set a goal to spin every day of the actual Tour.

The team's results are shared on social media for prizes and to encourage friendly rivalry between teams. One of the competitors noted "people are all excited about a sport that you wouldn't think was a spectator sport" and we couldn't agree more, we don't think it's a spectator sport either. And although we're glad folks are excited about it, we don't expect to see results on ESPN anytime soon.

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