Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

Top Selling Tufted Wool - Softer Than Sisal

In the carpet industry very few products have become "Industry Standards"; products that have been benchmarks in style, luxury, and quality. A few such products were "Fair and Warmer" by Berven, "Breathless" by Salem, "Eloquence" by Karastan, "Kahala" by Customweve and the product with the funny name "Softer Than Sisal" by Unique. Softer Than Sisal earned the name by providing the look and colors of natural sisal with the luxury of softness underfoot that only pure wool can provide. Softer Than Sisal recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, an extremely rare case of longevity in a fashion-driven industry. Updated a couple of times over the years, Softer Than Sisal remains our top-selling item. It's a beautiful, reasonably priced, and trouble-free flooring option. Check it out.

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