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Unique Perspectives November, 2019

Unique Perspectives
November, 2019

Thank You Card
This month marks our 94th consecutive monthly Unique newsletter. For this Thanksgiving we have decided to give ourselves a break and spend a little extra time with our families. Our wish for you this holiday season, is that you will do the same. Thank you for being a part of our extended family throughout the year and years.
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Homestead - 4428
Forest Grove - Stone
Fairfield - Silver
Here are a few of the latest offerings. They're among many that have recently enjoyed PRICE REDUCTIONSThey represent even GREATER VALUES and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price. Order what you need. To see them all click  here.

A Gift for You

Here's a gift from us that keeps giving all year long.  We're constantly adding to our photo image bank and have them available for your use at no-charge in your print advertising, on your website, or as in-store decorative pieces. They're all available for download on our website.

Any images shown are available for your use and are downloadable right from the site. Simply select the size file you need and you're on your way. If you choose to use any; we'd like to thank you for including us in your marketing plans and if you choose not to use any: What's up with that?


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