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Unique Perspectives December, 2019

Unique Perspectives
December, 2019
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We here at Unique Carpets want to say Thank You for all your support throughout the year. We've built a company through the dedication and tireless efforts of all our employees and sales people but we couldn't be who we are without YOU our loyal customers. One at a time, order by order, successful installations and happy customers are our daily goals. We're grateful and thankful for having the best customers in the country who provide us the opportunity to meet those goals. Many of you have been a part of our story for over 34 years, trusting us with your most valuable and finicky customers. We'd like to take this opportunity to again offer our sincere gratitude and to wish you and your families the Happiest of Holiday seasons. 

Wool! Affordable, Classic or Stylish - We have it all.

When the going gets tough, the tough sell wool! Here at Unique Carpets Ltd. We often wonder what all the "color" talk is about. You don't see any purple or blue hardwoods out there? Do you?? Well here at Unique Carpets Ltd. we focus on what sells. With more than 50 shades of Gray, not to mention so many beige's that we're using names over (and we're really good at names!) and let's not forget about good ole white, off white, and cream. NO ONE has more READY TO SHIP inventory than us. Need something affordable try our Orion or Lanai. Or how about our classics like Softer Than Sisal or Troy. Perhaps something stylish like our Dynasty or Waverly. Just remember for those last minute installations or when your customer is tired of looking at all the pretty colors that they probably wont use, we're here with excellent quality and stock to make them happy and isn't that what we want for the holidays? Be happy, sell Unique carpets Ltd. 

SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Linea - 2191
Cambridge - 1552
Ocean Pacific - 1043
Here are just three of our nineteen specials currently in stock and ready to ship. They're among many that have recently enjoyed PRICE REDUCTIONSThey represent even GREATER VALUES and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price. Order what you need. To see them all click  here.

Holiday Rug

Peppermint Stick rug
Here's a rug designed to look like a peppermint stick in keeping with the Holidays. With Holiday decorating becoming an extreme form of temporary design, the growth in categories like this is something with surprising potential and a great opportunity for additional sales. Now if we get a request next Halloween for a rug that resembles orange and licorice jelly beans, we'll let you know.

Sheep Seldom Shiver.

Why is that you might ask? Well, it's partly because wolves can hear teeth chattering from a thousand yards, but mainly it's because sheep are well insulated with their own coat of natural, home-grown wool. When used as floor-covering wool is not only soft and elegant underfoot, it breathes, helping keep things cool and comfortable during the hottest months and insulates keeping things warm and cozy during the colder months. In fact, wool carpet is unquestionably the best insulating material available for use as an interior textile and, as such, can greatly reduce energy costs.

Read about our environmental commitment.

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