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Wool carpet is best for allergies?

Now most of you have had a customer who comes in and tells you they have allergies and how they wanted a hard surface floor to reduce this? NOT SO FAST MY FIREND! Maybe their carpet was just really dirty, try asking them the last time it was professionally cleaned. That probably means that it’s time for NEW CARPET, because according to research by the German Allergy and Asthma Association DAAB eV shows that the use of a carpet can significantly reduce the risk of increased particulate matter in indoor areas, in contrast to a smooth hard surface floor covering. With more people suffering from asthma today it’s just one more REALLY GOOD reason to talk about your Unique Carpets Ltd. selection of wool carpeting.

The high dust-binding capabilities of carpet ensures that dust doesn’t swirl as easily through the air as it does on smooth surfaces. Wool carpets bind the fine dust that contains the allergenic mite feces, until the next time you vacuum because of their natural design. The scale like texture grabs onto particulates better that that of a smooth filament yarn. This means those allergy causing contaminants cannot be inhaled, which is why wool floor coverings are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

If they still don’t believe you, hit them with this little statistic. While the particulate matter content in rooms with hard floors is more than 40 micrograms per square meter, in rooms with carpet it is only 10 or less micrograms per square meter. That would decrease the likelihood of allergy causing contaminants in the air by 75%.



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