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Unique Perspectives February, 2020

Unique Perspectives
February, 2020

Salesperson or Sales Professional

If you're reading this, then most likely you are the latter, but do you know the difference between the two? If we had a dollar for every time we heard salespeople lament about all the inexpensive waterproof flooring they are selling and how little money they are making doing it, we wouldn't be writing newsletters! 

Unique Carpets' sales force has tried to give you salesmanship you can use, not necessarily to get someone into Unique Carpets Ltd., but to help our customers distance themselves and their store from all of the "also-ran" retailers that are out there. Advertising low prices brings consumers through the door, but that's the oldest trick in the book. Once they're in your store it becomes your choice if you want to fill the order with or without exposing them to all that your store has to offer. Now that's where we come in! Our customers have some of the best and most tenured salespeople in flooring, and you should have no problem selling real hardwood and more expensive carpets and rugs. 

Did you know it takes no longer to close a deal on something nice as it does something inexpensive! Your job in flooring is to enlighten your customer to ALL the options available. Consumers read it on the internet and it often becomes gospel. Ever wonder why the big mills spend all that money for their online advertising and presence? It's not to help you, it's to help themselves. We just think that from time to time we need to thank ALL our customers who take their profession seriously and take each consumer through the whole store and educate them on the pros and cons of their flooring choices. Because guess what? Most flooring shoppers are open to education. Take their 20 minutes of "research" they've done into how little flooring costs and explain why it's not for everyone. We have dealers who have upgraded their customers (HAPPILY) into better products. Also, don't forget to remind them they'll have to tear the house apart when the low cost stuff wears out sooner and they have to install something new.

So, if you're reading this and YOU have a story about how you just didn't take an order but how you sold your customer, send us an email and your story may end up in our newsletter. If not, try it on the next 5 customers and see if you aren't successful. 
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For a REAL person dial 800 547-8266

You'll never hear these four words when when calling Unique, "please press one for...". We pride ourselves on our award winning customer service capabilities. If you haven't had the opportunity to talk to a real person in your recent business dealings, give us a call. The real, un-recorded person answering the phone is the person who'll take your order or provide the information you require. 

Call us during regular business hours and you won't hear a recorded message or voice mail unless you ask for it. We promise!

Wool socks, wool sweaters, and oh yeah, WOOL CARPET!

We think cutting heating bills this winter by buying a houseful of wool carpet makes perfect sense.  Actually, cutting heating bills is just one of many viable reasons why your customers should consider wool. Its amazing insulating ability begins to look like a real benefit when the cold north winds are howling outside (like they are now). With insulating properties fifty percent better than virtually any man made carpet, wool helps keep the indoors warm and cozy all winter long. Sheep are pretty fond of it too.  


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