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Unique Perspectives March, 2020

Unique Perspectives
March, 2020

Stay Safe Out There!

Hand sanitizer

Here at Unique Carpets Ltd. we are taking steps to minimize the risk to our employees and so far we are all healthy. Our outside reps have been told to minimize their contact with customers or if needed work remotely from home. So, if your cheery UCL representative seems like their missing just give them a call or drop them an email. We are sure you will get the same level of service you are used to. We are shipping sample orders as fast as always and carpet even faster. Our hope is that Home Fashion customers will take a break from traveling and put that money into their floors! Maybe some nice carpet perhaps? In this time of concern, we wanted you to know that we will answer the phones (without voicemail) and our friendly customer service department is here to assist you with a rug quote, sample need, or an order. Please exercise caution and do everything that the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization advise. This too shall pass, please stay safe out there.  
Carpets, Rugs, Or Both! We've Got'm, You Want'm

Four Rugs

How does a dealer who doesn't have or want to put a few hundred rugs on their floor court that ever allusive custom area rug? Start with the fact that whether it's Unique Carpets or a competitor every carpet in the showroom can AND SHOULD be looked at as an option. Well maybe not all the barber poled polyester and boring products that take up most of your showroom thanks to the big guys but let's talk about the good stuff. Have you seen our Tortuga, Ambassador, Bimini Twist or Revue as a rug or runner? The smart designer, dealer, or showroom realizes the potential and profit in specifying area rugs to go over that hard surface they just installed but how do you start the conversation. Ask and you will receive! A story that most people who have ever owned a rug can tell you is that when they went to a discount store for their rug and got it home it was either too big or too small, or the colors were just a little off. When they tell you their story is when you open their minds to ALL of the styles in broadloom that can be made into a CUSTOM sized, to the inch, area rug, made just for them AND in the perfect style and color they choose. No settling on what may work? Is it too big? Will it go under the sofa or stick out too far? All those perplexing questions that are swirling through the consumers head are gone! That's why professional interior designers SPECIFY rugs as part of the project. An area rug is the finishing touch, the icing on the cake to a well-designed interior. The process of helping someone pick out the perfect area rug deepens the relationship with the customer and increases the likelihood of a referral. Just as in hard surface or wall to wall carpet you may not have what they want but 90% of the time you just might! So next customer be sure to bring up the subject of an area rug or runner with one of our many wool, nylon, or sisal styles and see how affordable and FAST Unique Carpets Ltd. can make you some additional profit and increase the satisfaction of your buyer.  
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Before you look at any other specials this month TAKE A LOOK AT OURS! Priced to move one roll or a bunch of rolls at a time.
Breckenridge - 2103
Fairfield - 4921
Scarborough - 2114
Here are just three of our nineteen specials currently in stock and ready to ship. They're among many that have recently enjoyed PRICE REDUCTIONSThey represent even GREATER VALUES and you don't need to take the entire roll to get the great price. Order what you need. To see them all click  here.
Twist and Shout... about wool that is
Why do wool yarns look so good for so long? Because, unlike synthetic fibers, wool fibers have naturally-occurring twist. So when they're spun into yarn they remain tightly twisted. And what that means is carpets of pure natural wool provide that soft, springy elegance and unsurpassed good looks for years and years. Synthetic fibers don't have natural twist so in or
der to get them to hold together and to perform, twist is added then held in place via the addition of heat...Heat setting!
This is not unlike using a curling iron on your hair. Wool has always been known as the fiber that ages gracefully. Here's another reason why. No curling irons required.


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