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Unique Perspective May, 2020 - No. 2

Unique Perspectives
May, 2020

To Open, Or Not To Open? That Is The Question

So here we are still sheltering in place. Most of us are once again on the inside looking out. Watch the news and all you hear is how we cannot go on vacations, we cannot go on a cruise, and we are going to want to think about any hotel stay. We need to make our own silver lining! Where and how your customers will spend some of that pent-up money could be up to you. How about flooring? Let's teach them how to make an investment in their home! One that they'll love for years to come. Do not take the path of least resistance, upsell that customer into something beautiful that will last. What will happen? THEY'LL LOVE YOU! Most retailers are not seeing their usual headcount of customers, so it is important to maximize profits of each and every sale. How can you go wrong showing high quality surfaces and educating them on why a Mercedes costs more than a Yugo? Do they still make those cars? Now how do you go about doing that. Try some of these cues in your next presentation.
  1. 2%-4% of their home value is what should be spent on their floors. Or $2,000 for every $100,000 worth of house. Works great in California but as a selling tool 2% to 4% goes over better than $10,000-$20,000 (based on a $500K home) 
  2. Don't believe me? How much did the cabinets cost? The countertops? Let's not talk about crown or base moldings. 
  3. Are any of those finishes going to take the daily abuse of THE FLOOR! Is anyone going to be walking daily on your countertops or cabinets? 
Now how can those 3 simple lines help you convince everyone that they want BETTER. Here is when you add that wood, stone, and WOOL CARPET have been around for centuries. If it was so hard to keep clean, then why is it still here. That pretty much goes for wood and stone too. Many other fibers and fake stuff have come and gone, think about it. Why? If that doesn't work tell them of the time it takes to install these finishes and then say "why would you want to do that every 5-6 years when for a bit more money you won't have to do it for twice as long" Now before you think that we're a mill and this won't work I promise you that these are anecdotes that I've collected over my 35 years in the business. Stay healthy and safe. 
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