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Unique Perspective June, 2020

Unique Perspectives
June, 2020

Canton is here and ready to install!
Canton new style image

Well it took a little longer to get samples through the system but it was worth the wait! Our Latest introduction is a timeless classic in wool berber. CANTON, our newest addition to our Unique Carpets line. It is crafted in 100% Pure New Wool and offered in the four, very current, natural colors. With its warm undertones, CANTON is sure to add comfort to any home décor with a medium loop pile texture and a more updated subtle flecking. Talk with your rep and get this well priced product in your showroom or office.   
Sisal and Seagrass, The Other Natural Fiber!
Pamplona Dining Room Rug
At Unique Carpets Ltd. we spend a lot of time talking about wool. You should all know about our Sisal and Seagrass collections as well. YES Unique has these natural fibers, kind of a greatest hits in these woven textures. Much in the same way we approach whole house colors we keep our sisal and seagrass styles on hand and ready to ship. Not to mention we make some really great rugs too! Your exact size, your choice of edge treatment, and we don't even charge extra for mitered corners. Check out how easy it is to request your quote.  
Visit our website's Sisal collection page to choose a Sisal style. On the Sisal style page click Request a sample for the colorway of your choice.
rug sample order step 1
Switch to the Edge Treatment Options tab, and then click on a binding style to take you to the colorway options of your choice.
rug sample order step 2
Choose a color for the edge treatment and click Request a sample to add it to your cart.
rug sample order step 3
Click on the cart icon in the upper right corner to review your samples. Click Request Samples on the review samples page. Fill out the samples order form and in the comments section tell us the rug size. We will get a quote right to you.
rug sample order step 4
We Are Ready To Ship!

Each of our intrepid explorers keeps their ear to the ground, nose to the grindstone, their eyes peeled and their back to the wheel as they comb the earth, scour the globe and beat the bushes in search of the very best special purchases just for you (we love cliché's). Of course, it is difficult to explore in that awkward position especially while simultaneously combing, scouring and beating, but they are intrepid, and they've discovered some seriously exceptional specials that are constantly being added to our specials list. To review all their colors, textures, and current inventory just click here.
Here is how this works. We only make 10"x10" sample cuttings so there are NO MARKETING COSTS.  "We purchase over-runs, mill trials, and discontinued items at very competitive prices and pass those savings on to you". How many times have you heard THAT old line? Oddly enough, in this case it happens to be completely true. All our specials are first quality material purchased from our suppliers around the world and they represent real value. They are stocked in depth and you do not have to take full rolls; you can order exactly what you need with no cut-order price. 
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