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Unique Perspective July, 2020

Unique Perspectives
July, 2020

Fading Or Photo Bleaching Is A Natural Trait Of Wool Carpet

We are often asked to look at carpet where the color doesn't initially match. This is a common characteristic in wool carpet so we asked David Zack of The Flooring Inspectors for his expertise on the subject.   
What you need to know when your customer says their carpet is the wrong color? You should tell them It will be all right. Fading occurs most often when a carpet is exposed to light, especially ultraviolet light. Rooms with no window treatments (e.g., draperies, blinds, and sheers) are also at the highest risk of sun fading. Ultraviolet rays can come from the sun, however; they can also come from fluorescent lights that emit ultraviolet rays. The samples in your showroom have been there on average over a year so they have already photo bleached. The customer picks the color, you install fresh inventory and they panic that the color is wrong. Mostly this color difference corrects itself rapidly & spontaneously corrects in a couple of months. The best way we know to demonstrate this effect and calm customers down is to take a piece of scrap carpet, cut it in half and put one half in a dark closet or cabinet. Then take the other piece and place it in a window for the fastest results. In a few days you will see that the one in light has leveled in color while the one in the dark is still a shade off.
Photo-Bleaching is immediately noticeable based on sample comparisons but this is easily dealt with. Fading or Photo Bleaching can also be caused by other environmental factors, e.g., nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and hydrogen sulfide. This is most common in 100% Wool carpeting so do not be alarmed, give it time to correct itself. 
For further information please contact David Zack You can also subscribe to Just like your friends at Unique Carpets Ltd., David is here to help! The following was an excerpt from an article done on the subject by Carey Mitchell and David Zack who are Certified Carpet Inspectors.
Photo bleach sunlight on Coral Sea
Here Are Some Very $pecial $pecials
Shannon - 4105
Ocean Pacific - 1027
Fairfield - 4110

Littleton is Here!
LITTLETON, with its sleek and uniform low-profile construction, made of 100% Pure New Wool and a contemporary color selection of four colors, LITTLETON offer more texture than our Boardwalk or Bellaire styles and is ideal for use in virtually any setting. LITTLETON is a concise, loop-pile construction that offers understated beauty and unsurpassed performance.
Shedding of Wool  

Try as we will, we haven't been able to teach sheep to grow continuous filament wool. The individual fibers that make up wool yarn vary from 3 to 5 inches in length and that's pretty much it. As a result, along any length of wool yarn there are going to be loose fibers resulting in initial shedding in both loop-pile and cut-pile carpets. Much like "split ends" which is how hair cleans itself, this shedding manifests itself as little clumps of fiber resembling cotton candy (other than its generally not pink) lying randomly about. Although this can be somewhat disconcerting, the carpet is not coming apart and is not being vacuumed away. It can look like a lot but, in actuality the amount of fiber lost in this manner is minimal. This is the nature of wool carpet and after exposure to foot traffic and regular maintenance, shedding will stop. Honest! The upside is that naturally heather yarns cannot be duplicated in synthetic yarns. This uneven and natural shedding may be a bit inconvenient but the natural coloring is terrific when it comes to hiding soil and stain, your wool carpet will age gracefully over time.    

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