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Unique Perspective August, 2020

Unique Perspectives
August, 2020

Houndstooth - Making Designer Dreams Come True!

Houndstooth is a big, bold, contemporary adaptation of the classic houndstooth pattern and is offered in a large 8.25" scale in high contrast color combinations of pure wool. But like all patterns in this collection, the scale of the pattern and color combinations are totally up to you. Created for the larger open concept floorplans in today's finest homes. Just imagine what you could create using any 2 of the 33 colors available! 
People Are Spending More Money on Flooring, NO REALLY!  
So, for the most part flooring is an essential business and except for a few weeks most of you have worked straight through the Covid epidemic. It seems so long ago that we were beginning to shut down. Now, we have the new normal, a different way of doing things, a different way to live. We are constantly asking dealers what we can do, how can we help. Many of you are saying that people are asking for wool, (The only carpet fiber that can improve indoor air quality as particulates stick to wool and can be vacuumed off - Google it)) people are upgrading themselves, people are spending more money on their homes. We must take this good news and make the most of it. People are sitting at home and maybe they were so busy they never looked at their own homes? Well NOW THEY ARE! This is what we've always wanted, people OPEN to upgrading themselves. NOW is the time to upgrade your customers! Challenge yourself and what they are asking for. Do they really need LVP when you can sell them the beauty and organic aesthetic of real wood? They know their interior is not what they want and it is up to you to make their home a thing of beauty, all we have to do is ask. People are googling indoor air and guess what, the only fiber that can help clean the air is WOOL! It WILL last longer, it will come clean. It's one of 3 things that have been in flooring since there was flooring! Wood, Stone, and WOOL CARPETING! You are the expert, take the time to educate your customer and right now the market is ripe for upgrading. What's the worst that can happen? A happy customer!! 
The Perfect Carpet

In the carpet industry, very few products have become "Industry Standards"; products that have been benchmarks in style, luxury, and quality. A few such products are "Fair and Warmer" by Berven, "Breathless" by Salem, "Eloquence" by Karastan, "Kahala" by Customweave, (Am I dating myself?) and, the product with the strange name, "Softer than Sisal" by Unique. 

Softer than Sisal earned the name by providing the look and colors of natural sisal with the luxury of softness underfoot that only pure wool can provide. It has been one of our TOP # selling products for almost 25 YEARS. All those customers cannot be wrong! The perfect color palette remains a beautiful, reasonably priced, and trouble-free flooring option. Check it out.
Here Are Some Very $pecial $pecials
Capetown - 2227
Hudson Place - 4115
Fairfield - 4110


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