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Unique Perspectives October, 2020


Unique Perspectives - October 2020
Gold Coast - Tufted Wool
Our newest addition, GOLD COAST, is a subtle two-toned, loop-pile carpet and is available in the four elegant color-ways presented here. Performance, durability, and value all crafted in 100% Pure New Wool.
And The Wool Just Keeps On Selling!
We had a customer this week comment on how they didn’t quite understand it but their Unique business is blowing up! Well, we’ve got some ideas on this. First, it was a California carpet retailer, and considering there are so many fires out there (read the next article) we have seen this in other markets. People are still stuck at home and they have all the time to google whatever they want. There are several studies showing why wool carpet is STILL the best choice for your soft flooring. From insulation, to wear (it was in the Pyramids), to flammability. The facts do not lie. Combine that with our filling over 90% or our orders within 24 hours (upon credit approval), not to mention our Mill Specials , we’ve got a lot of carpet folks.
We are standing by to take your order AND SHIP IT! While some other wool suppliers have cut back or had interruptions, we have been doing business with the same European manufacturers since 1985 and we have containers coming in all the time. Check out our wool offerings. 
A Very Important Thing To Know About Wool Carpet
The flammability of carpets is an important determinant of the flammability of a whole building. Carpets have a large influence on aspects such as spread of flame, smoke generation, toxic gas evolution and burning. The less flammable interior textiles, such as carpets, are, the safer it is for the entire building. The fire safety of floor coverings does not rely solely on the ease with which a carpet ignites, but also on the rate of flame spread and smoke generation. In experiments conducted by the Wool Research Organization of New Zealand (WRONZ), wool, nylon and polypropylene carpets were tested using the NBS Flooring Radiant Panel Test. The results showed that wool carpets:
  • Had the lowest propensity for flame spread (as measured by
  • the critical radiant flux CRF), and,
  • Produced much lower levels of smoke (IWTO, 2010).
Wool carpet is naturally flame resistant, and the performance of wool exceeds that of all other commonly encountered textile fibers. This flame retardancy arises from wool’s unique chemical structure (for example, its high nitrogen (14%) and water content), which confers the following beneficial properties and behaviors. 
  • An extremely high ignition temperature (570-600°C).
  • A low heat of combustion.
  • A low rate of heat release.
  • Doesn’t melt or stick upon burning.
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Formation of an insulating char when it burns.
  • Evolution of less smoke and toxic gases versus the combustion of most synthetic fibers.
These results were achieved using standard testing methods: ASTM E648 Radiant Panel Test, ASTM D2859 - 06 Standard Test Method for Ignition, ISO 5657:1997 – Reaction to Fire Tests,  BS 4790 - Determination of flammability.
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