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Unique Perspectives January 2021


Unique Perspectives - January 2021
Oh, What a Year It Has Been
Well, we’ve turned the page on what will be a most memorable 2020! Not necessarily for the best reasons but we all deserve a pat on the back for simply still standing! Again, we’d like to thank the BEST customer base in the business. Our collection of the best design has to offer in retail, trade showrooms, and professional interior designers is one of a kind. Unique Carpets embarks on another year of proudly servicing you, our customer, and it is never lost that you come first! It is truly a blessing to have known so many of our customers since we opened our doors over 35 years ago. And while many mills are now gone from the California, we like the company we keep out here. Our sales force is one of the most professional and hard working in the business and if you notice, they have been your reps too for a very long time. 
So, here’s to 2021! It can’t be any worse!! Here’s to US! for surviving, we hope you hold your loved ones just a little closer to you post pandemic. For they and YOU are what got us through the 2020 and we know we share in looking forward to a great new year. 
You Thought Our Freeways Had Bad Traffic!
The latest on container arrivals is for the month of November where roughly 50.1% of the containers arrived on time. For companies like Costco and Amazon down to our very own Unique Carpets Ltd and our Home Furnishings industry, the delays are exhausting.  Anchored off the coast of California recently were 20 ships, that was up by 12 from the end of the previous month of November 2020. The Port of Los Angeles (Long Beach) is expected to handle 152,000 inbound containers this week alone, a 94% increase from the same week a year ago. This is the most dramatic test of maritime shipping in 75 years and is not expected to relax until the middle of 2021. Just know that we are doing our best to get our containers in and our carpet straight to you!
You Asked For It!
Wool - The Natural Air Conditioner
We're not suggesting you scrap the central air. We are saying you can cut your energy use dramatically simply by installing pure, natural, wool carpeting. Wool has an ability unlike any other natural or man-made fiber to absorb moisture from the air. Wool can actually absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without even feeling damp. This unique quality makes wool carpet a natural air conditioner, absorbing moisture during periods of high-humidity and releasing it when conditions are dry and in so doing helps keep the indoors comfortable any time of year, naturally.
Why buy a “fad” fiber like polyester (or whatever they’re calling it?) when you could have a classic like WOOL!
Lava and Beetles and Moths, Oh My!
And while we’re at it, here’s another SELLING TIDBIT! Most wool carpets are treated with moth-resist agents. Why? Because even moths enjoy wool's natural goodness. Moth-resist treated wool is harmless to humans and pets. In fact, even wool-eating insects cannot be harmed by the mere contact with the treated fiber. Only if they try nibbling will they have issues. The most widely used moth-resist agent is permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, which is chemically similar to pyrethrum (boy are we smart sounding), a naturally occurring insecticide found in a number of chrysanthemum varieties. Safe, effective, and permanent, and for those customers who don’t like chemicals tell them that Permethrin has been approved for use by every environmental and health organization world-wide as well as the World Health Organization. There have been no reported cases of serious illness caused by Permethrin anywhere in the world.
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Business is good! Don’t forget our Specials, they are in stock and at fabulous values! Small loops, BIG loops, Linear to pattern. A little something for everyone. 
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