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Unique Perspectives February 2021


Unique Perspectives - February 2021
UPDATE: The Long Beach Port
As of today, we have 4 containers at the port that docked last weekend, but when we will see them? We also have 4 more containers on the water that will arrive at the port over the next 2-3 weeks. Normally we would receive a container within 3-4 days after it was unloaded in Long Beach. Oh yeah, and if THEY are late in delivering our container we get charged for it? Over the last 90 days, the range of time that it took to receive a container has varied from 3 to 8 weeks. Such is the life of an importer. Again, the congestion at the LA/Long Beach ports are due to an increase of containers over the last 6 months. Normally at this time of the year, we would have close to a quarter-million square yards, and this is where we are trying to get to. Now if that’s not enough try to just get a shipping container! The bright spot is we DO NOT import from China which makes our nightmare look more like just a bad dream. So, it may take a bit longer but we are now having our containers shipped into Savannah, GA, (the other carpet capital) and then trucked across the country to us. Over the next 4 weeks, we are scheduled to ship 8 containers this way. How long will this continue, no one knows but we are guessing this should last for 4 more months. It may actually become the new normal for the rest of the year. But thanks to our great customers Unique business remains exceptionally good and we ordered 5 more containers, are we gluttons for punishment or what! Including 3 NEW styes! Just thought you’d like to know where we are at in this mess. Stay safe and keep those orders coming!
How do you make a top seller better?
You asked and we listened, although it took a little longer than we’d hoped. We NOW bring you two new colors of one of our top selling styles Lanai. What’s not to like its pure, natural, 100% wool in a short, dense, loop-pile construction and has become the perfect combination of sleek, contemporary good looks and unparalleled long-term durability. Now in six sophisticated pin-striped colorways offer exceptional aesthetics as well as outstanding soil-hiding properties for today’s active lifestyles. Priced to move and it has! Make sure your local Unique Carpets representative gets you your samples because they are finally here!  
Why Buy Carpet?
Sounds like it’s time to give us your full attention.
Carpet is soft:  One of the most compelling reasons to purchase carpet is its elegant softness and comfort underfoot. It's just nicer to walk on soft carpets instead of unforgiving hard surface.
Carpet is beautiful: Especially Ours!  The floor has often been called the fifth wall. It's no longer something to just cover, it's another surface to decorate. Unique Carpets, offers soft floors in a myriad of colors, textures, and a few patterns, which offer a beautiful alternative, or companion, to hard surface floors.
Carpet is quiet:  Noise Reduction Coefficient. How's that for a big bunch of words? It's a figure reflecting the noise absorption properties of a given material. Yikes! That's still really boring. Bottom line is noise bounces off hard surfaces making those rooms loud and echo-y and sound is absorbed in carpet making those rooms significantly quieter.
Carpet is warm:  What’s your temperature in the mornings? If you’re stepping on a hard surface, it's cold and if the floor is carpeted, it's not. And it's even better if its wool carpet; it's 50% more effective as an insulator than synthetics. Carpet is a wall-to-wall layer of insulation. Heat can't escape easily, reducing your bills while keeping your home warm and cozy.
Carpet is safe:  Hard surface floors are smooth and slippery making it a lot easier to fall. And if you fall, they offer no cushion when you land. Carpet is just the opposite. Offering far better traction, slip and fall accidents are far less likely to occur (a major consideration on stairways) and if falls occur, carpets softness will limit the potential damage.
Carpet is healthy:  Dust mites, allergens, pollen, and pollutants float freely in uncarpeted rooms, but they are actually drawn to wool carpets and held in place until they can be harmlessly vacuumed away.
Carpet is cost-effective:  Even some of the most expensive carpets look like a value compared to hard surface floors. Plus, ongoing maintenance can be quite expensive with some hard surface floors. You'll never have to sand or re-seal carpet. Nor should you by-the-way.
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Business is good! Don’t forget our Specials, they are in stock and at fabulous values! Small loops, BIG loops, Linear to pattern. A little something for everyone. 
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