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Unique Perspectives March 2021

Unique Perspectives - March 2021
Need a Nice 100% Wool Carpet
Where do you start! How about the 12 entry-level styles in a variety of textures and all 100% wool. What’s that? You can’t wait because they want it in a hurry? No problem, even with the problems at the ports we still have inventory to save the day. Yes, we’ve heard that Unique Carpets doesn’t have any color. Au contrare, we’ve got Bimini Twist, Bahama Shores, Signature, Somerset, and Westport if color is what your customer REALLY wants but as long as I can remember (and I’m old) the best-selling colors in the carpet business are beige, gray, and cream. Guess what all 10 of our entry-level styles have in them? We’ve got 63 shades in the most popular beige’s, gray’s, and creams in some pretty nice textures. If that’s not enough we’ve got 50 more textures that will take your client into some absolutely beautiful styles where they can spend as much or as little as they want. That’s the Unique Carpets way to sell wool, try it, what do you have to lose?
The Best Kept Secret In Custom Rugs
You’ve got to be an incredibly special dealer to sell these made-to-order rugs. We’ve got robotic tufting equipment in our California warehouse AND we stock over 30 colors of 100% wool yarn (and a shiny nylon yarn too). It’s taken us years to figure out that the best way we could help our customers is to do what we do best. Make things fast and make exactly what you need. The video is how the machine works, the picture is where the rug went, all done in 2-3 weeks using in-stock yarn.
There are so many patterns out there it’s hard to find your voice and especially hard to interest a consumer at the retail level. Our design accounts helped us figure that out.   Instead of being the 20 th in line they show a weary customer, we are the FIRST line among professional interior designers. There’s really not much we can’t make. Unique Carpets Ltd. we can do shags, stripes, and patterns, in cut pile, loop pile, even cut and loop pile! Nothing we really can’t make. Now we do thick but we can do shags, stripes, and patterns. Cut pile, loop pile, even cut and loop pile! With bigger rooms and open floorplans, we can give you several options to choose from and we will work with you to coordinate the rugs.
See, no muss, no fuss, all under the same roof. Next time before you go through EVERYTHING in the showroom you might want to think of giving Unique Carpets Ltd. a call 800 547-8266.
More Than Just Specials
If you're looking for some terrific values, Unique Carpets Ltd has some first-quality wool broadloom at not-so-first-quality pricing. Check out our website for a complete list of specials. This is all first-quality merchandise that we purchase as close-outs or overstocks from our European suppliers. Plus, you don't need to inventory a pile of rolls just to get a price (although you can feel free to inventory several rolls if you like). Everything shown is available on a cut-order basis. Here are the latest offerings:
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Business is good! Don’t forget our Specials, they are in stock and at fabulous values! Small loops, BIG loops, Linear to pattern. A little something for everyone. 
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