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Unique Perspectives April 2021

Unique Perspectives - April 2021
Get With The Program! Get With 100% Wool!!
We’ve got the carpet people want! If your business is not booming right now all we can say is upgrade your customers. Why? Well, if you’re seeing fewer customers getting more profit and a bigger ticket on each sale is the way to go. Or you can just use the fact that customers are coming in who bought the cheap stuff last time and use your best wool information to get them into better products like real wood and wool carpet. Think about that, all the buzz about the latest while the GREATEST is just waiting to be installed. Wood and Wool, two of the oldest materials in flooring and they are BOTH still here alive and well. So much for wool does this and wool does that? Ever asked yourself if wool was SUCH a bad carpet fiber why it has outlasted so many carpet fibers that have come and gone. Quit chasing the low end by going lower and try discussing the virtues of wood and wool. The natural grain of hardwood with no repeat sure sounds better than a picture of wood that has a repeat?? Also, nothing goes better with that organic grain which gives wood its beauty than the natural and organic flecking of 100% wool. 
Unique Sisals are Ready When You Are!
Sisal, the other natural fiber. Don’t forget about our collection of weaves that make great rugs or elegant broadloom. Back in the days of stone huts and dirt floors, they found threshed wheat (what’s left after you remove the grain) made an excellent floor covering. Not easy to vacuum but better than mud on a rainy day. To hold it in place a piece of wood was placed at the entry. The “Threshold” GET IT? Anyway, in this complicated world if you yearn for those happier times, we’re sorry to report thresh is no longer available. But we can provide you with the next best thing...sisal and sea grass. Wall to wall or a very designer area rug in a couple of weeks. Check out our expert rug crafters work and we know your customer will be incredibly pleased. 
Samples Anyone?
You know we’ve got inventory, and you know we’ve got selection.  Did you know you can order samples right from our website. Running line OR mill specials are all available. It’s easy to do.
Even those whose computer skills topped out at Pong can do it. (1) Simply click on the style(s) you desire and you'll see a 'Request a sample' under each colorway. You can choose 6 samples at a time. Select the ones you want. 
You'll see Samples to review in the upper right of the screen after you have selected one or more samples. (2) Click on the link to review the samples.
(3) Click on the request samples button and fill out the required information.
It's quick, easy, and FREE. Give it a try.
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Business is good! Don’t Forget The Best Deals in 100% Wool!
Check these new styles out!  
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