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Unique Perspectives May 2021

Unique Perspectives - May 2021
Wool Sales Continue To Rise!
Despite the Long Beach port still being a mess, Unique Carpets Ltd. is still shipping plenty of carpet. These days if you look off the coast of Los Angeles, it looks like there’s a city of containers out there still waiting to unload. But we still have the best selection of 100% Wool, Stainmaster nylons, and Woven Sisal, each one ready to fill your orders. Despite the challenges of supply chains, transportation, and even just getting empty containers, we are still setting sales records here in Riverside California. So, remember when you are looking for carpet choices you will not find a better selection of premium carpets than with Unique Carpets Ltd. Over 60 textures run the gamut in price and scale to satisfy any customer. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU START WITH US! Our product range has price points from low too high in 100% wool, premium solution dyed nylon, and natural sisal all on one display. So, when you have someone interested in nice  carpet,  start with our products. They can flip through our styles starting with our entry level wools, keep going up the line into heavier textures from big loops to classic tip shears. Now let’s say that after looking at our wools they still don’t know. Wait, what’s next? Our selection of premium nylons! From some of the best loop textures that are thick and de-lustered to look like our wools to velvets and friezes that are soft to the touch and heavy enough to distance themselves from the competition. If that’s not enough, our collection of the best patterns and textures in sisal and seagrass add that final touch to their interior. Try it! It’s textbook upgrading! Our entry level wools are great for first time wool buyers Our   heavy textures will satisfy the pickiest connoisseurs, and our nylons are for the   “non-believers in wool”who insist on a great synthetic. Our sisals are the cherry on top.
New Style Aspen
Our latest introduction can be used to make custom rugs or broadloom. Aspen weighs in at 95 ounces and is a heavy textured loop pile carpet that offers the ultimate in creativity for color combinations. Bring us your finicky, your frustrated, your customer that knows exactly what they want and we can create it. Let’s start with our thick singles felted Sumptuous yarn in 6 standard colors and then add 5 yarns from the over 40 colors we stock in both heather and solid shades. If that doesn’t excite your creativity then maybe this will. We can also make Aspen any width from 5’ to 15’ and anything in between, by any length. Now if you have a customer that would be overwhelmed by such creativity then there are 5 standard colorways to choose from. Did I mention that Aspen is made right here in Riverside California for fast delivery!  Be sure to check out the new page on our website also make sure you check out the color possibilities by clicking on the tab at the top of the style page on the “Color Options” tab. Who says Unique Carpets doesn’t have a lot of colors? 
What's up with wool and shedding?
Try as we will, we haven't been able to teach sheep to grow continuous filament wool. The individual fibers that make up wool yarn vary from approximately 3 to 5 inches in length and that's pretty much it. As a result, as opposed to yarn made of continuous filament fibers, there are going to be loose fibers along any length of wool yarn resulting in initial shedding of both loop-pile and cut-pile carpets. This shedding manifests itself as little clumps of fiber resembling cotton candy (other than its generally not pink) lying randomly about. Although this can be somewhat disconcerting, the carpet is not coming apart and is not being vacuumed away. It can look like a lot but in actuality, the amount of fiber lost in this manner is minimal. This is the nature of wool carpet and after exposure to foot traffic and regular maintenance, shedding will stop. It may take a while, but it will stop. Honest!
SPECIALS - Great In stock values
Business is good! Don’t Forget The Best Deals in 100% Wool!
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