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Unique Perspectives June 2021

Unique Perspectives - June 2021
Big-Time Service. Boutique-Like Flexibility
We're in a unique position. After over 35 years we are one of the few carpet mills left in California. In 1985 when we started there were over 25 carpet mills in California! We know what we’ve done right and that’s put our customers first! We're large enough to provide you with big-time service and follow-up while consistently delivering in excess of 90% of orders placed from existing inventory. Yet we're small enough that we don't shy away from custom requests. In fact, we love them. Maybe you forgot? Today everything is solution dyed which does not lend itself to custom anything! We’ve got a few nylons and plenty of wools that can be dyed to any shade your customer wants. If you need one custom color or a whole lot of custom colors, we can do that. If you need lighter weights to fit a budget or heavier weights to feed an ego, we can do that too! Whatever your custom requirements are, give us a call. It's all done right here in California. Our yardage requirements are surprisingly low and our quick turn-around times are well, surprisingly surprising. So, give us a call. We love this stuff. 
Things Are Booming In Our Custom Rug Department
We're constantly adding to our photos of broadloom and CUSTOM AREA RUGS to our image bank and have them available for your use AT NO CHARGE in your print advertising, on your website, or as in-store decorative pieces. Many of our custom rugs are so beautiful that we love photographing them. They're all listed on our website HERE
Click the Dealer Support Tab on the home page, then click Image LIBRARY . Any images shown are available for your use and are downloadable right from the site. Simply select the size file you need and you're on your way. And by the way, YOU can get one of these rugs for your client, in over 25 colors and in any size up to 15’ wide. If you choose to use any; we'd like to thank you for including us in your marketing plans and if you choose not to use any: What's up with that?
Undyed Natural Wool, Yep We’ve Got Some!
This Article Shows Off How Smart We Are!
There are those who wish to be as environmentally benign as possible. We do have an assortment of products for those folks. They are Ambassador , Boardwalk , Eldorado , Four Seasons , Grenoble , Kingston , Laredo , and Revue . These products use no chemical dyes; their colors are created by blending the natural colors that exist in wool. But those who want blue or purple wool often ask why natural dyes are no longer used to create color. Well over one hundred years ago, synthetic dyes came into being due to population growth and the need to use irrigatable land for other uses than to grow indigo, saffron, madder, and woad (woad? Like wocky woad?) strictly for use as dyes. Dyes used to dye wool are all well-established acid dyes and if your customers have furniture, curtains, upholstered automobiles, and clothes, they regularly come into contact with this stuff.
Additionally, natural dyes generally have poor lightfastness properties and require heavy metal mordants (to help natural dyes affix to the fiber) so they really aren't necessarily an environmental improvement. By comparison, acid dyes have no toxicity concerns and are not hazardous to the environment since the exhaustion of the dyes onto wool is almost 100% so there are only minimal traces of dyes in the outflow. 
Were you taking notes? This could be on the final exam.
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