Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% STAINMASTER Grand Luxura® with Tactesse nylon fiber

Rustic Charm

A handcrafted look that gives you the performance of a 4 ply yarn that is uniquely air twisted to create a pebbled texture on the floor. We combine high twist with the silky softness and low luster of Tactesse Stainmaster nylon. All loop pile construction with heavyweight density and sixteen brand new shades that make it a practical choice for any interior.


Styled to coordinate with Plaza Suite, Presidio is manufactured in the same Invista Tactesse Nylon fiber and offers both softness and durability. Although presented in the same sixteen colors as Plaza Suite, Presidio combines regular and deep-dye nylon to create a subtle hint of accent color for a more casual look. Also, unlimited custom color flexibility is readily available.

Plaza Suite

Loop-pile carpets are known for their exceptional durability. In Plaza Suite, we’ve created a loop-pile carpet with residential flair; a thick, nubby texture with enduring good looks. Plaza Suite is manufactured using Invista’s soft, durable Tactesse nylon fiber and is offered in an extensive selection of twenty three beautiful colors.

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