Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% Wool

Super Boucle

Using one of the largest yarns ever to create loop-pile carpet Super Boucle is the ultimate example of loop-pile opulence. Available in five standard solid colors, Super Boucle can be custom-dyed to any shade and manufactured to the exact size you desire.

South Pacific

Drawing inspiration from the woven floor mats of the Pacific islands, South Pacific is an ideal expression of casual elegance and is available in cut, cut and loop, or multi-level cut and loop in a wide range of standard colorways with unlimited custom color flexibility.


Seaborne is one of two patterns in this collection with seashell inspiration. With its subtle arcs on a textured loop-pile field, Seaborne makes a beautiful pure wool addition to any décor.


Rimfire’s circle within a circle design uniquely combines a big, bold loop-pile pattern in a soft, understated cut-pile field. Rimfire is available in one, two, or three-color combinations with unlimited custom color flexibility. 

Mystic Isle

Quite possibly the most beautiful loop-pile carpet ever made, Mystic Isle uses a large solid-color felted yarn that’s packed into a thick dense construction then randomly tip-sheared. Available in five standard shades, Mystic Isle can be custom dyed with extremely low minimums.

Marquis Diamond

Combining three different sized 100% pure wool yarns in a loop-pile construction creates the varied and interesting texture of MARQUIS DIAMOND. Its custom made to order in the exact size you need.

In The Rough

In The Rough is a masterful blending of a thick, modern shag with a traditional diamond pattern. It’s large scale pattern pairs magnificently with the largest yarn we offer. Custom options in scale and color are readily available.


Houndstooth is a big, bold, contemporary adaptation of the classic houndstooth pattern and is offered in a large 11” scale in high contrast color combinations of pure wool. But like all patterns in this collection, the scale of the pattern and color combinations are totally up to you.


Grids and squares tastefully combined create this thick, dense loop-pile rug of 100% pure wool. Each color-way consists of up to four colors of your choosing.


Resembling a circuit board or micro-chip, Circuitry is a two-level, sleek, contemporary, geometric pattern available in four-color versions in combinations of your choosing and, like all rugs in the collection, in the exact size you desire.


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