Fine wool, nylon, and sisal flooring

100% Wool

Improvisation II

The unique and distinctive style of Improvisation II is created using exclusive 'core-wrapped' yarn; one color wrapped around an accent center for an eye-catching look with a texture and style of its own. This exciting yarn is also available combined with other yarns in the Series 1000 collection, as well as in custom combinations of your own creation. Improvisation II is available in six fashionable colors.


We search the world for unique yarns to add and build to our Shagtastic Collection. There is no other collection in the world that offers more choice and selection of deep and luxurious textures for the ultimate statement in hand crafted rugs. The ultimate in our collection is Highlands, using a heavily felted 100% pure wool yarn, we define texture with long pile and maximum shag.


The popularity of our Improvisation II has lead to a thicker and deeper creation. Caribbean will add the warmth of the islands to your home. Our exclusive ‘core wrap’ yarn has a design signature all its own, artistic and dramatic, with a tousled look that feels great under foot. Six unique 100% wool, two tone shades.


Bombay is manufactured using one of the most unique 100% wool yarns available. Referred to as ‘core-wrapped,’ this yarn-within-a-yarn creates a bold, contemporary carpet with unsurpassed textural aesthetics. The available colors can be used as shown or combined with yarn from other Shagtastic Collection products to create exciting, one-of-a-kind custom designs.


There is nothing thicker or nothing more dense than luxurious Avignon. It is a classic shag carpet that uses yarn in three different sizes that can be custom dyed into one, two or three color combinations. Avignon is a rugged texture that makes a bold statement in any interior.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis is created using a delicate combination of some of the smallest yarns available. Over eight pounds of yarn is used in every square yard, making this the ultimate expression of meticulous craftsmanship and opulence. Choose from twelve standard colors or create custom combinations of your own.


Traditional wool styles never go away. A great value in affordable 100% wool in a heavy large loop. A timeless Berber texture with subtle natural flecking in four top selling colors. Unmatched value, backed by instant availability.

Softer Than Sisal

The most popular wool sisal look on the market. Styled to emulate a larger boucle weave in a wide range of colors. Durable linear construction made of alternating high low loops that run the length of the carpet in a corduroy fashion.


A very affordable wool style. Small level loop construction in soft heather yarns for residential applications. A traditional Berber texture that represents one of the best values in 100% wool.

Vintage Stripe

Thick and thin bands of color create a uniform and balanced pattern. VINTAGE STRIPE is available in two standard color-ways or in custom combinations using yarns from the Shagtastic Collection to create various textures and colors. VINTAGE SHAG is a big vibrant cable texture that is a perfect coordinate to VINTAGE STRIPE.


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