Maintenance for Shagtastic Rugs

Vacuuming: Due to the very high pile of the Shagtastic Collection, we have found that standard upright vacuums can be used but only if you can adjust the head to the highest possible setting. Do not use vacuums that self adjust as these will set the brushes too low and abrade the face of the carpet or use vacuums with suction only as these tend to cause excessive fuzzing and pilling. With all vacuums we have found that it is difficult to push it on the carpet, try only to pull the vacuum and the carpet will vacuum easier.

Cleaning: Spray Extraction Cleaning will work with the use of wool approved productsHowever, this is dependent on the quality of the operator. If too much moisture is used and not extracted out, then the carpet will take on a dull look. This can be minimized by using the minimum amount of moisture, the highest setting on the vacuum, and a professional cleaner with knowledge of wool carpet.

Dry Extraction methods work well and give an excellent overall appearance. TheAdvanced Formula Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner is an excellent choice. This white powder is spread into the carpet and brushed softly into the pile, after waiting twenty to twenty-five minutes the area is vacuumed. The carpet will quickly dry and can be walked on sooner than with Spray Extraction Cleaning.

Overall, we have been happier with the Capture method, as you are not as dependent on the operator skills and the carpet has a brighter appearance afterward.